Understanding how Klaviyo billing works

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Learn how Klaviyo bills customers for profiles, emails, and SMS as well as about our plans and Klaviyo One. 

How Klaviyo billing works

All Klaviyo plans are billed on a monthly basis, which starts the day you begin a paid plan. 

There are 2 types of plans available: 

  • Profile and email (i.e., the base plan)
  • SMS (i.e., an add-on plan and features)

Profile and email (i.e., the base plan)

Every Klaviyo user must have a base plan, which is contingent on the number of active profiles you have in your account.

For reference, active profiles are only the profiles in your Klaviyo account who you can message and who are not suppressed. 

While these base plans are primarily focused on active profiles, they also include email. The email limit is 10 times the maximum number of profiles in your plan. 

For instance, if you have a plan that allows 500 profiles, you can send up to 5,000 emails to any profile in your account. 

SMS (i.e., add-on plan and features)

SMS is an add-on to the base profile and email plans. You must have both a profiles plan as well as an SMS plan in order to send text messages with Klaviyo. 

The SMS plans are dependent entirely on message credits; i.e., how many text messages you want to send per month.

Note that the number of credits required when sending text messages depends on 2 key factors: 

  • Where your the subscribers are located 
  • The type of messages you send

The table below breaks down the number of credits for each location and use case. 






New Zealand













Note that failed deliveries do count toward your SMS billing plan's limits. Further, short codes are billed separately from the SMS plan. 

As an example, say you want to send one SMS to 100 people; half are in the US, while the other half are in Canada. In this case, the campaign would cost 200 credits. 

View your plans

To view your plan, follow these steps: 

  1. Click your organization’s name in the bottom left corner
  2. Click Account & Billing

Once in the Overview tab, you’ll be able to view your plans. 

Klaviyo One

Klaviyo One is a new tier of Klaviyo that supports enterprise-level customers and their specific needs.

On higher-level plans, Klaviyo One is either mandatory or optional, depending on the total plan cost. Klaviyo One is optional on plans equaling $5,000 MRR, with an additional fee.

Find out more about Klaviyo One

Downgrade your plan

You can downgrade at any time, but it will take effect as of your next billing cycle. You will finish out your current month's plan before your plan changes. Thus, we do not refund downgrades, as stated in our Terms of Service

Note that Klaviyo cannot auto-downgrade your plan; if you want to downgrade, you must do so manually. 

Auto-upgrade your plan

You have the option to turn on auto-upgrade billing for both the base profile and email plan and the add-on SMS plan. This feature ensures you don’t hit monthly profile or sending limits so that you can continue to send SMS, email, and automated flows unimpeded. 

What happens is this: 

  1. You manually turn on auto-upgrade. 
  2. You either:
    • Reach your plan's message or profile limits (e.g., if your plan allows for 200 profiles, but you try to send to 300 profiles).
    • Schedule a campaign that will take you over your message or profile limit for the current billing window. 
  3. Auto-upgrade moves you to the next plan up. 
    Note: you can be auto-upgraded at any time in the billing cycle.
  4. As soon as the account is upgraded, an email is sent to the owner informing them of this change. 
  5. Once you're on this next level of plan, you will stay there until you choose to downgrade, upgrade, or are auto-upgraded. 

Note that if you have auto-upgrade enabled and it puts you on a plan where Klaviyo One is required, you will not be automatically upgraded to Klaviyo One and should reach out to our customer success team.

Include your tax ID on invoices

You can include your tax ID on invoices by updating this manually. Navigate to your Billing Preferences page and add this under Tax ID. All future invoices will then include this information. For more information, head to How to find and update your tax ID in Klaviyo.

Adjust credit card details

Klaviyo does not support multiple credit cards in a single account. If you purchase a plan with a different credit card than the one in your account, this will change the credit card on file. If your payment ever fails, the account owner and billing email will be alerted via email.

For details on how to change the credit card on file, check out our article on how to update your credit card information. To see invoices and other details regarding your recent charges, select Billing > Payment History.

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