How Klaviyo Bills Customers for SMS

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If you've decided to start using Klaviyo to send text messages to subscribers, the next step is to set up your plan. The billing structure for SMS is primarily based on two criteria:

- The number of profiles, specifically how many you've sent text messages to per month
- The number of text messages you send per month

When you set up SMS in Klaviyo, your first number is free of charge, and an appropriate sending number is included in each plan. The only time you would need to pay for a number is if you choose to use a vanity code, or if you want to use a short code when it’s not included in your plan.

This article breaks down SMS billing, such as plan information and the included sending numbers.

Understand Your Monthly SMS Billing Plan

To find your billing plan, click the dropdown menu next to your account name and then clicking Account.


In the Overview tab, you can review your SMS plan, including how many:

  • Profiles and messages are allowed in your SMS plan
  • Profiles you have sent to within this billing cycle
  • Text messages (SMS and MMS) you have sent within this billing cycle


You will reach your plan's limit when you have either hit the maximum number of profiles or sent the maximum number of SMS messages, whichever comes first. 

Note that failed deliveries do count towards your SMS billing plan's limits.

If you are nearing your plan limits, you can choose another plan to keep sending. Simply click Upgrade Plan in the bottom right.

SMS and email are billed separately in Klaviyo. If you want to update your email plan, navigate to Billing > Email instead. Head to our article on How Klaviyo Bills Customers for Email for more information.

Credit per Message

The number of credits a text counts as depends both on whether the message is an SMS or MMS as well as where the message is sent to. The table below breaks down the number of credits for each message type per region. 

US 1 credit 3 credits
Canada 1 credit 3 credits
UK 3 credits N/A
Australia 3 credits N/A

Note that certain keyword responses and double opt-in confirmation messages do not count toward your plan. 

Be mindful that special characters and emoji shorten the message count. For instance, adding an emoji reduces the character count for an SMS from 160 to 70.  

For more information about the differences in Klaviyo SMS, check out Where Is Klaviyo SMS Available?

Choose Your SMS Plan

To see all available SMS plans, go to Billing > SMS. Here, you’ll see a breakdown of the different SMS plans, shown below. Note that the prices listed in the plans section do not include sales tax.


Click Change to switch to another plan that fits your needs. When trying to decide which plan is right for you, account for: 

  • SMS or MMS messages in flows
  • The number of campaigns you plan to send per month
  • MMS messages counting as three credits
  • The number of countries you plan to send to 

Downgrading Your Plan

If you decide to downgrade your plan, this will not be immediate, but will instead take effect for your next billing cycle. You will finish out your current month's SMS plan before your plan changes. Thus, we do not refund downgrades, as stated in our Terms of Service

Including Your Tax ID on Invoices

If you would like your tax ID included on invoices, you can update this manually. Navigate to your Billing Preferences page and add this under Tax ID (Optional). All future invoices will then include this information. For more information, head to How to Find and Update Your Tax ID in Klaviyo.

Sending Numbers

All plans come with a free sending number. For instance, the free plan provides you with a toll-free number. As you increase your plan, you’ll eventually be able to apply for a short code. Note that the short code won't be available immediately. Further, there is an application process for short codes, and not all industries/businesses will be eligible. 

Short code and vanity short codes are usually not included in your plan. See the table below for details.

Number Type SMS plans under $4,630 SMS plans above $4,630
Short code (random) $625 per month Cost included in your plan
Vanity short code

$1,125 per month  

$500 per month

SMS Credit Card Details

You can only have one credit card per Klaviyo account. If you pay for SMS using a different credit card than for email, it will change the default credit card for your account. The account owner will be notified via email if a payment fails.

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