Overview of Email Deliverability


Overview of Deliverability

Successful email delivery is when your emails go where you want them to. Unsuccessful delivery is when your emails end up somewhere else.

You can achieve successful deliverability by following two key points:

  • Send to engaged customers
  • Send great content

Send to Engaged Customers

When customers open, click, and forward your emails, ESP’s notice and reward you. Maintain a strong sender reputation and great deliverability rates by sending to customers that have engaged with your business, and filtering out or removing others.

Start by sending to an engaged segment. A great example of an engaged segment is illustrated below:


This exact definition of an engaged segment varies for your exact business, but the best practice is to think about your customer base and send to your most engaged customers. Please note that you should only use the "OR was added to your Newsletter list in the last 60 days" condition if you imported your this list over 60 days ago and have been organically collecting new subscribers since then.

Learn more

Read more about sending to an engaged segment and building an engaged master list.

Send Great Content

Great content is the foundation of strong deliverability. The best email for your business is almost always the email your customers want to read. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes when designing your email content.

Learn more

The Klaviyo Blog, along with our section on Template Design Best Practices, are great resources for learning email design best practices.

Sender Reputation

The various aspects of deliverability combine to form your sender reputation. Managing your sender reputation by monitoring your infrastructure and your sending is the best way to maintain great deliverability.

If you're just starting out sending, focus on sending great content to an engaged segment. This will help you build up a solid reputation in a short amount of time.

If you've already been sending and you're having deliverability issues, check out our guide on improving your sender reputation.

Monitor and Adjust Your Sending

Your business, your customers, and the world of email are ever-changing. Monitor your sending to adjust to changes and stay at the top of your game.

The difficulty with deliverability is that you don’t always know when your emails have been successfully delivered. Email service providers use a combination of different metrics to evaluate your emails, and to protect against spammers these metrics and methods are purposely kept hidden from senders. Because of this, it's important to adhere to sending best practices to ensure that you have great deliverability.

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