How to create an unengaged segment

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Learn how to identify your least engaged email subscribers, so you can avoid contacting them to improve and maintain your deliverability. Once you've identified your unengaged subscribers, consider excluding them from your marketing initiatives, re-engaging them, or suppressing them during list cleaning. In this article, you will learn how to create an unengaged segment.

Note that if you send to unengaged profiles who haven't engaged with your emails in 3-6 months, inbox providers (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) will start placing your emails in spam.

Create an unengaged segment from your main list

To create an unengaged segment in Klaviyo:

  1. Navigate to the Lists & Segments tab of your account
  2. Select Create List / Segment > Segment
  3. Add the following segment definition: 
    If someone is in or not in a list > is > [your main list] > and was added at least 30 days ago
    What someone has done > Opened Email > zero times > in the last 60 days
    What someone has done > Clicked Email > zero times > in the last 60 days

You can edit the definition to best reflect your brand and how often you send emails; in this example, unengagement is defined by a 60 day (2 month) timeframe. Using this segment, we are isolating contacts that have been on our newsletter list for at least 30 days, but haven’t opened or clicked a single email in 60 days.

A segment of unengaged profiles

When the segment definition best suits your business, click Create Segment. Your segment will then be available for you to analyze, exclude from campaigns, re-engage, and more.

With the release of iOS15, macOS Monterey, iPadOS 15, and WatchOS 8, Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) changed the way that we receive open rate data on your emails by prefetching our tracking pixel. With this change, it’s important to understand that open rates will be inflated.

If your campaign analytics show a large number of iOS openers, we suggest identifying these affected opens in your individual subscriber segments.

For complete information on MPP opens, visit our iOS 15: How to Prepare for Apple’s Changes guide.

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