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SMS allows you to communicate effectively with customers via text. If you previously paid for other SMS tools alongside your Klaviyo account, you can now send text messages directly through Klaviyo instead. This leverages the data already in your account and makes it easier to seamlessly manage your SMS, emails, and integrations. SMS also paves the way toward advanced segmentation that drives customer-specific messages.

To start using Klaviyo to send SMS, you need to configure this setting in your account. By the end of this article, you will be able to launch SMS on your Klaviyo account and edit the settings to fit your business needs.

Please note that only account Owners and Admins have the ability to set up SMS.

Set Up SMS

To start, navigate to your Klaviyo Dashboard.

Next, click on the name of your organization in the upper right-hand corner and select Account from the dropdown.


Then, click Settings. Select SMS Settings from the resulting dropdown menu. This will bring you to a page to set up SMS.

Click SMS Settings, and then click Set Up SMS.


Once SMS is successfully set up, a success modal will display confirming your setup.


When you close this message, you will be brought to a page where you can configure the details of your SMS account.

In your SMS Settings tab, you can customize your sending number, message add-ons, keyword responses, opt-out language, sending settings, and tracking settings.

When you complete SMS setup for the first time, you automatically launch a trial phase in which your first 50 messages are free. The account will remain in this free trial phase until all 50 messages have been sent. For information on how to add to your available balance for SMS messaging, head to our article on how Klaviyo bills customers for SMS.

To subscribe to your own SMS program, text "JOIN" to the number assigned in your SMS Settings. This allows you to monitor and test SMS as you get started.

SMS Settings

Sending Numbers

Your SMS numbers are listed in the Sending Numbers section. The first number is created for you by default upon setup, but you can also request additional numbers by clicking Additional Numbers > Request Additional Numbers.


Learn how to choose the sending number that's right for you.

SMS Message Add-Ons

There are two sections that you can edit within Message Add-Ons: organizational prefix and opt-out language. These pertain to terms that are prepended and appended to your text messages.

  • Organizational Prefix
  • The Organizational Prefix is your business name. It should be the word or phrase customers recognize as your business title. Prefixes are optional but highly recommended because, unlike emails, text messages don't have a built-in way to identify the sender. This prefix allows customers to understand that this text came directly from your store.
  • Opt-Out Language
  • Opt-out language is the phrase added to the end of a message that gives customers the option to opt out of further SMS communication. This is similar to the unsubscribe language in emails, which helps to limit negative customer experiences and make sure you don't get marked as spam.

Opt-out language must include STOP in the message.


Keyword Responses

Keyword responses are SMS messages that are automatically toggled on to respond to customers who answer one of your messages. Some examples of these automated responses are: 

  • JOIN
  • HELP and INFO

The image below shows what you can expect from a certain response.


All of these responses, other than When no keyword is recognized, are required by TCPA Guidelines and mandatory within Klaviyo. The four mandatory responses are thus free of charge. In addition, text within keyword responses can be edited to fit your brand and desired content.

Another mandatory response is the opt-in keyword: JOIN. This is the word a recipient must text to your SMS sending number in order to subscribe. 

Click the pencil icon to the right of the response you want to edit. A popup will appear allowing you to edit the content. When your message is ready, click Save.


For the response that is triggered when no keyword is recognized, you can choose to forward the SMS message to an email address of your choice. Again, click on the pencil icon to the right of that keyword response for a popup to appear. Here, you are able to toggle this feature on and off, and edit the contact information that will receive these forwarded messages, as pictured below.


SMS Smart Sending

Smart Sending allows you to limit the number of SMS messages someone will receive in a given period of time. Klaviyo sets the default window of time to 24 hours, although you can adjust this.

It is best practice to enable Smart Sending to ensure that customers are not overwhelmed with messages from your business, especially if you're sending emails in addition to text messages.

Transactional messages will always be sent, regardless of Smart Sending settings, to ensure that critical information is relayed to your customers.


SMS Smart Sending and Email Smart Sending are treated separately. It is important to note that the two abide by separate timeframes. If you are looking to change your email Smart Sending window, check out our article on Smart Sending for Email.

Tracking Settings

The Tracking Settings section of your SMS page details your desired conversion window for messages. This means that purchases will be attributed to an SMS message that was received and clicked in this timeframe. The default is 24 hours, but you can customize this timeframe to reflect your desired conversion window.


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