How to set up virtual contact cards for flows

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Learn how to set up virtual contact cards, which will give you the ability to send contact details that a customer can save on their phone. By prompting your customers to save your number, customers will recognize future text messages, thus improving brand recognition and user engagement with SMS/MMS.

Because virtual contact cards convert a message from SMS to MMS, they can only be sent to recipients using United States or Canadian phone numbers. Virtual contact cards will be removed from messages sent to United Kingdom, Australian, and New Zealand numbers, which can only receive SMS messages from your account.

Before you begin

If you have not already done so, enable SMS for your Klaviyo account in order to set up virtual contact cards.

Make sure you are using a sending number capable of sending MMS messages such as a toll-free number or United States short code. MMS is not available for Canadian short codes.

Edit your company's contact information

  1. Click on the name of your account to navigate to Account > Settings > SMS.
    Account page with Settings and SMS tabs selected
  2. Scroll down to the Company Information section. This will be auto-populated with your company's information provided for your account, but you can edit the information specifically for the contact card.
    Company Information section of the SMS settings page with various fields for contact information
  3. You can also upload a logo image to be associated with your contact card. Your logo must be under 150KB and be one of the following media types: 
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • GIF
  4. If you made any changes to your company's information, click the Update Information button to save your changes.

Add a virtual contact card to a flow message

Once you have finalized your company's contact information, follow our guide on how to add a virtual contact card to a flow message. 

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