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When you're first getting started with Klaviyo, there are a number of adjustable settings pre-set in your account. Depending on your business's particular model and needs, you may wish to change these defaults. In this article, you will learn what these default account settings are.

General Account Defaults

The default settings found in Account > Settings > Email, apply to various areas of the product. These settings can be adjusted based on your preferences, and are listed below:

  • Preview Email Prefix: Choose to set a default prefix for the subject lines of all of your preview emails. This makes it easier to distinguish preview emails from actual campaign or flow sends. By default, there is no prefix appended to preview emails.
  • Unsubscribes (paid accounts): Choose whether you want someone to be unsubscribed from all lists whenever they unsubscribe. This is checked by default, and it is highly recommended that you leave it checked. Learn more.
  • Email to Website Tracking: Leaving this checked allows you to attribute web activity to specific emails.
  • CSS Optimization: Leaving this checked ensures that your emails use embedded styles instead of inline CSS. While inline CSS can allow your emails to render better in lesser-known inbox providers or places with regional requirements, it adds length to your emails, making them more likely to be clipped. Only uncheck this box if you know that a large part of your customer base is either using a lesser-known inbox provider or is in a region that requires it.
  • Email Conversion Window: The window of time during which conversions will be attributed to the most recent email sent. By default for new Klaviyo accounts, this is set to five days and “Opened or Clicked Email” conversions. This means that if you send an email on day one, everyone who received the email and then made a purchase within five days will be attributed to this email. If you are a daily sender, you should reduce this window to one day. Learn more about email conversions in our Understanding Conversion Tracking guide.
    You will have the following Email Conversion setting options:
    • Opened or Clicked Email
      Conversions attributed to emails opened or clicked within the window you chose. These may include Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) opens.
    • Opened or Clicked Email (excluding Apple Privacy Opens)
      Conversions attributed to emails opened or clicked within the window you chose. These will exclude Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) opens.
    • Clicked Email
      Conversions attributed to emails clicked within the window you chose.
  • Smart Sending Window: Smart Sending prevents you from inadvertently over-emailing people. It causes people to be skipped from receiving an email if they received another one within the Smart Sending window. By default, this window is set to 16 hours. This means that anyone who received an email within 16 hours of your most recent send will be skipped.
    • If you use Klaviyo to send transactional emails, you can also specify whether or not you want Smart Sending to apply to transactional emails.
  • Determining Recipients: Here, you can choose to determine recipients at schedule time (default) or at send time. Learn more.
  • Timezone: By default, your account will display all timing data in EST. To change this, navigate to Account > Contact Information > Organization and select your preferred timezone.

UTM Tracking

If you would like to configure the UTM parameters that are appended to links in Klaviyo, you can do so by navigating to Account > Settings > UTM TrackingHere, you can add custom UTM parameters, edit the defaults that Klaviyo tracks, and toggle UTM tracking ON for all messages.

Email Defaults

Default Sender Name and Email Address Label

When you first sign up, the name and email you use to create your account are set to your default sender name and your default sender email address. When you create a new campaign or flow, these values autopopulate.


Going forward, you can update your default sender name and sender email address from Account > Contact Information > Organization.

Updating your default sender name label or sender email address only affects emails going forward. If you want to update existing flows or campaigns, you have to make these updates manually.


All default flow settings can be edited by clicking on the email component, then clicking the gear icon in the Settings section.

  • Smart Sending: With the exception of the pre-built abandoned cart emails, Smart Sending is on by default for all flow emails. Learn more
  • UTM Tracking: UTM tracking for Google Analytics is OFF by default for all flows, but this can be adjusted in your account-level settings, as outlined above. 
  • Additional Filters: By default, no flow emails will have additional filters.


Campaign settings are configured as you move through the scheduling wizard.

  • Smart Sending: For campaign emails, Smart Sending is always on by default. It is recommended that you leave Smart Sending on for campaigns to avoid over-emailing subscribers. Learn more
  • UTM Tracking: UTM tracking for Google Analytics is OFF by default for campaigns, but this can be adjusted in your account-level settings, as outlined above. 
  • Subject Line: If you don't designate a subject line for your campaign, it will default to the name of the campaign.
  • Date & Time: When scheduling a campaign, the default date/time value will be the soonest half-hour in your time zone.
  • Determining Recipients: As outlined above, this can be configured on an account-wide basis. When scheduling a campaign, if you haven't updated your preferences in Account > Settings > Email, this will default to Determine recipients now.
  • Sending Strategies: When scheduling a campaign, Klaviyo will default to sending to everyone at the time you specify, regardless of where they live.

List Defaults

When you create a new list, there will be a number of default settings that can be configured in the Settings tab.

  • Unsubscribes: Choose whether or not you want people to be globally unsubscribed when they unsubscribe from a particular list. This is not checked by default, but can also be edited in your account-level settings, as outlined above.
  • Double Opt-In: By default, all lists are double opt-in. However, you can set your list to be single opt-in instead. Learn more
  • Language: By default, all content in the subscribe pages and signup forms affiliated with a particular list will be in English. Learn more about how to edit language settings in your account.

SMS Defaults

Account Information

Klaviyo provides a default sending number for you when you set up SMS. You can choose to add numbers; however, you will be charged for each additional number beyond the first default in your account. To add a new number, select Additional Numbers > Request Additional Numbers.

An organizational prefix is optional but highly recommended. Unlike email, SMS does not have a built-in way to identify who sends a message. The organizational prefix is a great way to add your business’ name to an SMS so that recipients understand where texts came from.

Opt-out language in SMS messages is required in some jurisdictions and is also highly recommended. The default opt-out language is as follows: Text STOP to opt-out. This enables your audience to unsubscribe and maintain a positive customer relationship. You can edit this phrase, but the message must include “STOP.”

SMS Smart Sending

Smart Sending allows you to limit the number of SMS messages someone will receive in a given period of time. When you add an SMS to a flow, Smart Sending is automatically enabled. Klaviyo sets a default window of 24 hours, though you can manually adjust this. To do so, go to Account > Settings > SMS.

SMS Conversion Window 

Navigate to your SMS page and locate Tracking Settings, which details your desired conversion window for messages. This means that purchases will be attributed to an SMS message that was received and clicked if the purchase occurs within the conversion window. The Klaviyo default for this setting is 24 hours, but you can customize this number to reflect your desired conversion window. To learn more about how attribution in Klaviyo works, please read Conversion Tracking.

For more information on setting up SMS in your account, head to our article on how to set up SMS.

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