Understanding your push notification settings

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Learn about the push notifications settings page, where you can set up push notifications for your mobile app and adjust the Smart Sending window. 

Before you begin

If you haven’t already turned on push notifications in your account, we recommend reading How to set up push notifications

View push notifications settings

  1. Click your account name in the bottom left corner.
  2. From the account menu dropdown, click Settings.
  3. Click Push Notifications.
    Push settings page when the iOS isn't set up

On this page, you’ll be able to view the setting for your iOS app and adjust your Smart Sending window. 

Smart Sending settings for push

Smart Sending allows you to limit the number of push notifications someone will receive in a given period of time. Klaviyo sets the default window of time to 24 hours, although you can adjust this.

  1. To change the defaul Smart Sending window, click the dropdown menu. 
  2. Select how long you want the Smart Sending window to be. 
  3. Click Update Push Sending Settings

It is best practice to enable Smart Sending to ensure that customers are not overwhelmed with messages from your business, especially if you're sending emails, SMS,and push notifications. 

Smart Sending is channel specific, meaning that push notifications have a separate Smart Window than either SMS or email. 

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