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If a signup form is not working as expected, review this guide to explore common issues and solutions to these issues.

Troubleshooting Klaviyo Forms

Please note that signup forms will not render for browsers using Internet Explorer. Legacy signup forms will continue to render for those using any type of web browser.

When using Klaviyo's signup form builder, you may need to follow different troubleshooting steps when your forms aren’t working as expected. Below are common issues that can arise when using the signup form builder.

Form is Not Appearing on Site

If your form is published in Klaviyo but not displaying:

  • Verify that you have the signup form code snippet installed on your site.
  • If you're using an embedded form, verify that you have the embed code installed on your site.
  • Verify that your site is live.
  • Check the Behaviors tab in the Signup Form Builder to ensure that the form is configured to display on the URL that you are viewing.
  • Make sure you’re not using Internet Explorer. As mentioned above, new signup forms won’t appear on Internet Explorer.
  • Re-run the test in incognito/private browsing mode in a new window. It may be that you have already closed the popup, which is why it isn't displaying again. We cookie browsers for one year, so once someone closes a popup, they won’t see the same popup again for another year (unless they clear their cookies).

Form Won't Successfully Submit

If your form is not submitting when you click the Submit button:

  • Verify that the list the form is connected to has not been deleted.
  • Verify that the button is a Submit button, not a Close button.
  • Check your inbox for a confirmation email. If your list is set to double opt-in, you will not be added to it until you confirm your subscription.

Form isn't Styled as it is in Klaviyo

Klaviyo forms should render on your website as they have been designed in Klaviyo. If this isn’t the case, it could be that your site has !important CSS which overrides all CSS on your website. You can work around this by removing the !important in your site’s CSS. If you are still having trouble with this, please contact us.

Unable to detect installation

You may receive the error message "Unable to detect that signup forms are successfully installed on your site. Please view the installation documentation." but have correctly added the installation snippet to your website (or are using a prebuilt integration that does this automatically). This may appear if you are using a tag management platform (eg. Google Tag Manager) or some other method to deliver the snippet to your website when the page loads.

This message will not prevent you from publishing a form so if the snippet is correctly installed on the website you should be fine to ignore it. If you are still having trouble with this, please contact us.

A/B Testing FAQs

I have a notification that my form that has a time delay A/B test is calculating form submit rate differently. Why is that?

If you’re testing a time delay on your form, your form submit rate will be calculated by looking at the total conversions as a percentage of the total people eligible to see your form, rather than the number of views the form had.

Say, for instance, your A/B test is evenly weighted and has the message, “Need help browsing?” In the test, one form shows immediately upon someone visiting your site, and the other form loads after a minute. While the same number of people will be queued up to see both forms, more people will see the form that shows immediately. While there will not be as many people who see the form with the delay, the form offers help to browsers who may be confused, and thus may still have a greater form submit rate. To test if the form delay leads to a higher or lower submission rate, the form submit rate will not be the amount of submits as a percentage of the number of views, but rather the amount of submits as a percentage of the number of people who could have seen the form.

I selected both boxes for the Winner Selection part of my A/B test. Will the test end when both or either one of the conditions are met?

These checkboxes function as an OR condition, meaning that either one of the conditions can be met and the test will stop. Both conditions do not need to be met for the test to stop.

Can I edit the test settings for my form A/B test after it's already running?

Yes, click into your A/B test from your form and select Edit A/B Test to change the settings. You will not be able to change the content of the forms without ending your current test and starting a new one, however.

If someone doesn’t engage with a form that is a part of an A/B test, when the form shows to them a second time, will they see a different version of the form?

No, they will be cookied upon viewing the form the first time and will only ever see that variation unless they clear their cookies or are browsing in an anonymous browser.

When I create an A/B test for my form, will my form go to draft mode?

The form will stay at whatever state your form was in before you created the test. If it was live mode and you create an A/B test, the current version will be live. If it was in draft, the form will be in draft mode.

I had a typo in my form A/B test, so I published a new one. How can I permanently delete the test with a typo?

Go to the results of the test you want to get rid of by selecting on the form and going to A/B Test Settings then choose Delete Test.

I set my form A/B test live, then afterward I realized I had a typo. I don’t want to stop the test, re-build it, and set it back live. What should I do?

Head to the A/B Test Settings page while the test is running by clicking Edit A/B Test from the form analytics and click Edit Content. This will create a new draft A/B test, and you can make edits to it as needed and then set it live by clicking Publish A/B Test.

One of my form variations is performing very poorly and I want to update the amount of traffic going to the form. Can I do that?

Yes. Click on your form and go to the A/B test settings for your particular form. Select Edit A/B Test and either change the weighting or toggle to automatic weightings where the model will take performance into account.

I want to test to see if different offers are more likely to convert. How do I make sure to give a different welcome series correlated to each form?

You can adjust the list that a person is submitting to for each variation. To make each variation go to different lists, click on your CTA button in the form and change the List to Submit under the Button Click Action section. From there, trigger your welcome series flow based on someone joining each variation’s list and follow up with the associated offer.

I want to track who sees each form variation of the A/B test. How can I do that?

There are two ways that you can do that. You can adjust the list that a person is submitting to or you can add in a hidden field that is submitted when someone clicks through on your form. If you want the different variations to go to different lists, select the button and change the List to Submit setting under the Button Click Action section. If you want to submit through a hidden field, you would add in a property under the Submit Hidden Fields section. Then, create a segment based around each property.



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