How to exclude recent purchasers from a campaign

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Learn how to skip recent purchasers from promotional campaign messages. Excluding these customers from certain messaging means they won’t be inundated with emails or texts after they’ve already converted, or be confused by a promotional offering they’ve already used. 

Create a recent purchasers segment

To exclude recent purchasers from a campaign send, you must first identify them using a segment. 

  1. Navigate to Audience in the left sidebar in Klaviyo. 
  2. Choose Lists & Segments
  3. Click Create List / Segment.
  4. Choose Segment.
  5. Add a descriptive name, like Recent purchasers.
  6. Create a segment with the following definition:
    What someone has done > Placed Order > at least once > in the last 3 days
    A segment of purchasers from the last 3 days

  7. Click Create Segment

You can adjust the timeframe of the segment based on your business needs (e.g., 24 hours, 10 days). 

Exclude recent purchasers from a campaign 

After creating this segment, you can exclude it from any campaign send. To do so: 

  1. Create an email or SMS campaign as you normally would.
  2. In the Don’t send to field, choose the recent purchasers segment you made in the last step.
    The recent purchasers segment is selected in the Don't send to field
  3. Schedule or send your campaign. 
  4. Important: if you are scheduling an email campaign to send in the future, check Determine recipients at send time during the scheduling step.
    The determine recipients at send time setting is toggled on

The Determine recipients at send time option is only available when sending at a specific time (i.e., not a gradual send over several hours or sending by recipient’s timezone).

For SMS campaigns where you want to exclude recent purchases, we recommend sending the campaign immediately or scheduling it for as soon as you can. SMS campaigns cannot determine recipients at send time. If you schedule an SMS campaign in advance and exclude a segment of recent purchasers, only those who were in the segment when the campaign was scheduled will be excluded. 


Once you’ve created a segment of recent purchasers and excluded them from your next campaign send, you can rest assured that subscribers who make a purchase after receiving an offer from you will not become frustrated by receiving additional messages about the same offer. 

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