How to send a push notification campaign

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Learn how to use Klaviyo to send push notification campaigns via your iOS app. 

Just like in SMS and emails, you can use emojis, variables, and template tags to personalize push messages.

Before you begin

Before you can send push notifications, note that:

  • You have to set up push notifications in your Klaviyo account. 
  • Only app users that consent to notifications will receive push notifications from you. When an app user opts in to receive notifications, they will be assigned a push token that allows you to target them with notifications through both campaigns and flows in Klaviyo.

Push notifications use the same conversion window as your emails. 

Common use cases

Push notifications via campaigns are frequently used for the following reasons: 

  • Sales and discounts
  • Product releases
  • Time-sensitive offers (e.g., limited-time items, flash sales)
  • App-only offers (e.g., buy in-app, pickup in store)
  • Highly segmented campaigns based on browsing behavior 
  • Local popup shops and events
  • In-app minigames

Send push notifications in campaigns

  1. Navigate to Campaigns.
  2. Click Create Campaign > Push Notification.
  3. Name the campaign and choose the list(s) or segment(s) to send to.
    Note: only subscribers who have downloaded your iOS app and enabled push notifications will receive the message, not every person in a list or segment.
  4. Configure the following:
    • Message
      The text that appears on the iOS device's lock screen or notification center.  
      The character limit for iOS push notifications is 178 characters.
    • Sound
      Choose if you would like subscribers to hear a sound when they receive the push notification.
      Message editor for push notifications when the emoji button is selected

Once you've crafted your message, you can either schedule your push notification or send it immediately.

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