Troubleshooting a list- or segment-triggered flow

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Learn how to troubleshoot a list-triggered or segment-triggered flow when you notice that it is behaving differently from expected.

Flows are highly customizable and can vary in complexity. The information in this guide is designed to be broad, and will mainly cover common issues that can apply to most Klaviyo accounts.

Please review the troubleshooting scenarios below to see if any are relevant to your issue before asking for assistance.

How do I know if my flow is list- or segment-triggered?

Follow these steps to confirm whether your flow is a list- or segment-triggered:

  1. Click on the trigger of the flow in the flow builder.
  2. View the top section of the left sidebar to see if the flow is triggered by a list or a segment and the name of the list or segment.
    Sidebar of the flow builder showing the trigger of the flow when the trigger is clicked.
  3. Click on the name of the list or segment to view it in the Lists & Segments tab.

Common list-triggered flows:

  • Welcome series flow
  • Contest or giveaway flow

Common segment-triggered flows:

  • Sunset flow
  • VIP segment flow

General troubleshooting steps

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Use pre-built flows to avoid issues

To avoid issues with common flow types, we recommend creating your first flows using the pre-built templates from our flows library and adjusting the content to match your branding.

If flow messages are not sending, check the flow status

Make sure that your messages are set to Live status in order to start sending out to customers. If your messages are set to Draft they will not send nor will they queue profiles in a waiting list. If they are set to Manual status, the messages will queue profiles, but will not send out the messages until you manually send them.

If your messages are currently or were previously set to Manual status, follow these steps to send messages manually:

    1. In the left sidebar of the flow builder, click Needs Review.
      Analytics section in the left sidebar of the flow builder.
    2. This will take you to a list of profiles that reached the message in the flow when it was set to Manual status. 
      1. You can individually preview, send, and/or cancel each email and SMS that requires your review. 
      2. If you have a lot of recipients that need review, you can bulk send and cancel messages with the Send All and Cancel All buttons, respectively. If you send an email or SMS to a contact who is in Needs Review and no longer meets the filters for the flow, they will be skipped and will not receive the message.
        Send All button found in the Needs Review tab.
      3. To send the message automatically moving forward, set it to Live status by clicking on the status dropdown for the message in the flow builder.
        Message status dropdown found when clicking on a message card.

For previously working flows, review the flow’s changelog

If your flow was working previously, but you have recently noticed changes in behavior, you should first look at the flow’s changelog. This is especially important for older flows and accounts with multiple users. If you notice that a flow’s behavior has changed after a certain date and time, the changelog will be able to tell you the following:

  • What changed
  • Who made the change 
  • When the change took place (date and time in your account’s timezone)

If changes coincide with when you started experiencing issues with your flow, it is likely that the change is the source of the issue. 

Follow these steps to view a flow’s history:

  1. In the dropdown menu, click View Flow History.
    View Flow History option in the Manage Flow dropdown menu.
  2. Selecting View Flow History will open the Flow History panel on the right-hand side of the screen.
    The Flow History panel, also called the changelog.

Find out more about the Flow History panel in our article on how to review the changelog for a flow.

Troubleshooting scenarios

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List- or segment-triggered flow is not sending to anyone

Check that the trigger is set to the correct list or segment.

Since it is possible to create lists and segments with similar names, check that the flow is associated with the list or segment you intended.

  1. In the flow builder, click on the trigger of the flow.
  2. In the left sidebar, click on the name of the list or segment.
    Sidebar of the flow builder showing the list that triggers the flow.
  3. In your account’s Lists & Segments page, confirm if the list or segment associated with your flow is the one that you originally intended.
    Example of a list on the List & Segments tab.
  4. If the list or segment is incorrect, and your flow should be associated with a different one, clone the flow in order to change the trigger. See our article on how to change a flow trigger.

Check that the list or segment is collecting new profiles.

You may need to confirm that profiles are entering the list or segment that triggers the list. Use the method described in step 4 above to view the list or segment within your account’s Lists & Segments page. If you confirm that the list is the one you intended, but no profiles are entering the list, check the following that apply:

  1. Make sure that your ecommerce integration is installed and enabled. See the list of ecommerce integration guides in our Help Center for reference.
  2. Make sure that any signup forms you are using are published and not set to Draft
  3. Make sure that your signup forms are associated with the correct list by clicking on the submit button.
  4. For uploaded profiles, make sure to follow our the formatting in our guide on how to create and add subscribers to a new list.
  5. For segments, make sure that the conditions are set up as you intended, and that none of the conditions cancel each other out. This includes making sure to use OR connectors when being inclusive and AND connectors when being exclusive. See our AND vs. OR Guide for more details.

List- or segment-triggered flow is only sending to part of the list or segment

If you have a list or segment triggered flow such as a welcome series flow or VIP flow, and this flow is only sending to some profiles in your list, check the following:

Check your flow filters.

If you have any flow filters configured, make sure that they are filtering as intended by, following these steps:

  1. Click on the trigger of the flow in the flow builder.
  2. Click Preview Trigger Setup in the left sidebar.
    The Preview Trigger Setup button found in the left sidebar after clicking the flow trigger.
  3. The trigger preview will show whether or not profiles are passing the flow filters and why.
    The Trigger Setup Preview modal showing if a profile would pass flow filters.
  4. If there are profiles in the preview that are not passing the filters but should be, click the trigger again and click Flow Filters in the left sidebar.
  5. Make sure your flow filter conditions are checking the properties and events you intended.
  6. Make sure none of your conditions are contradicting as they may be canceling each other out.

Check how subscribers are being added to the list.

The integrations below have some limitations or settings related to list subscriptions:

  • Mailchimp
    It isn’t possible to trigger flows off of lists that are synced through Mailchimp. If you are syncing all of your subscriber lists from Mailchimp, you will not be able to configure flows to send to these subscribers as they opt in.
  • Shopify
    In order for people to trigger your welcome series flow when they subscribe through Shopify forms or checkout, you must select the option on the Shopify integration page to Collect email subscribers and choose the appropriate list associated with your flow. For SMS, select the option to Collect SMS Subscribers.
    Configuration page for the Shopify integration.
  • BigCommerce
    In order for people to trigger your welcome series flow when they subscribe through BigCommerce forms or checkout, you must select the option on the BigCommerce integration page to Collect email subscribers and choose the appropriate list associated with your flow. For SMS, select the option to Collect SMS Subscribers.
    Configuration page for the BigCommerce integration.

Sunset flow is not sending to anyone

If you created a sunset flow, but no one has been receiving messages from the flow, check the following:

Make sure your sunset segment is configured properly.

Review our guide on how to create a sunset flow, particularly the section on creating the sunset segment. Make sure that the conditions and connectors match the example shown in the guide. It’s possible to mix up the AND vs OR connectors, which will prevent the proper profiles from qualifying for your segment.
Example of a sunset segment that checks if a profile has not opened and has not clicked an email in the last 90 days

Adjust your segment’s time requirement.

If you notice that profiles have not been added to your sunset segment, it may be possible that you don’t have any profiles that are old enough to be added. For example, if you configured your sunset segment to collect profiles that have been unengaged for 90 days, but your oldest profiles have only been in your account for 60 days, then no profiles will be added. 

Try modifying the time requirement of your sunset segment to see if this causes profiles to be added.

Try back-populating your flow.

Segment-triggered flows will only trigger when someone is added to the segment organically. If a large amount of profiles were added to your sunset segment the moment you created the segment because they fit the conditions in the past, they will not automatically trigger your sunset flow. You can back-populate the flow to manually add these profiles into the flow.

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