User Management and Privileges



Each Klaviyo account can support multiple users each with a unique username and password for login. We also support tiered user roles.

Currently, we support 3 different user roles:

  • Owner: An account can only have one Owner. Owners have full account access and can close an account. By default, the first person to create a Klaviyo account will be the account's Owner.
  • Admin: Admins have full account access. An Admin can also edit account details and add/delete users, but cannot close an account.
  • Manager: Managers can access all core Klaviyo features, but they:
    • Cannot export any email addresses from Klaviyo (i.e. lists/segments, email recipient activity lists, suppressed profiles)
    • Cannot edit/delete account users
    • Cannot close an account

Add Users & Manage Permissions

The ability to add new users, and manage roles, is currently not exposed in the application. If you would like to add one or more users to your account or change the role of an existing user, please contact us and share:

  • The name of the new user(s)
  • The email address of the new user(s)
  • The desired role for each new user

Please note that we will only be able to add new users (or remove users) at the request of an account Owner or Admin. If you would like to add/remove users, please contact us.

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