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Custom properties are fields that you can use to gather information about the contacts in your account. Here are several examples of how you might use custom properties:

  • To collect additional information about your contacts, such as gender, size, coupon code, etc.
  • To collect contacts' preferences, such as email frequency, type of content, etc.
  • To collect contacts' responses to a questionnaire

You can collect virtually any type of information you'd like about a contact using custom properties, and then later use this information to tailor content or filter segments/flows. There is no limit to the number of custom properties that can be added to one profile.

How to Add a Custom Property to a Profile

There are two main ways you can add a custom property to a contact's profile:

  1. Add this information yourself
  2. Ask contacts to provide this information

Add a Custom Property Yourself

When uploading a list, any column after the "Email" column can be used to attach a custom property to a profile. For example, if you could have a "Gender" column that corresponds with a contact's gender.


You can also add custom properties directly to a contact's profile. First, select the profile you would like to add a custom property to. Then, navigate to the bottom of the page and find the Information section. Here, you will see an area labeled Custom Properties, with an option to Add. Click this and add the custom property you would like. 


Ask Contacts to Provide Information That is Collected as a Custom Property

You can collect custom properties straight from your subscribers when they sign up using a subscribe page, sign up form, or third-party list growth integration. You can also collect custom properties from existing subscribers using a manage preferences page. 

Any additional fields you add to a subscribe page or sign up form will be collected as custom properties. You can even use these methods as a sort of questionnaire if you would like to filter segments or flows by the responses you receive.

How to Use Custom Properties

You can use custom properties to segment your audience, filter flows, and include dynamic content within emails. Once you've created a custom property, you will see it populate in the segment builder when you select Properties about someone. If at least one contact has a certain custom property, you will see it auto-populate in the drop-down menu. Likewise, this will happen when you add filters to a flow or an email within a flow.


You can also dynamically populate your emails with a custom property by using the "lookup" filter:

Your gender is:
{{ person|lookup:'Gender' }}
Your gender is:


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