Guide to Understanding Opt-in Related Pages for a List

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Learn about the different opt-in-related pages for Klaviyo lists and how to edit and customize these pages. 


Editable Pages Tied to a List

The pages available to edit are:

  • Subscribe Pages
    • Subscribe: a page where interested web browsers can sign up to hear from your brand.
    • Confirm Your Email: if your list is double opt-in (which all Klaviyo lists are by default), a page that subscribers will see after they submit their email address on a subscribe page.
    • Email Confirmation: if your list is double opt-in (which all Klaviyo lists are by default), the email that subscribers will receive after they subscribe to your list via a signup form or subscribe page.
    • Opt-In Confirmed: if your list is double opt-in (which all Klaviyo lists are by default), the page that subscribers will see after they confirm their email address.
  • Manage Preferences
    • Preferences: the page where existing subscribers can edit their preferences. This page is not directly editable and is instead tied to the fields on the Subscribe Page (outlined below). Here, you can provide your subscribers the opportunity to tell you more about themselves, prompting them to share information like age or gender, but also more detailed information like their preferred email frequency or which types of products they are most interested in.
    • Preferences Confirmation: the page someone will see after updating their preferences.
  • Unsubscribe
    • Unsubscribe: the page someone will see when they click the unsubscribe link in one of your emails sent to the particular list.
    • Unsubscribe Confirmation: the page someone will see after they unsubscribe from receiving emails.

These pages come into play when you build sign up forms that add new subscribers to your list. By reviewing and updating these forms, you can control the messages your subscribers see when they first opt-in, as well as when they unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe vs. Manage Preferences

Unsubscribe and manage preferences pages are used together often since most marketers would rather recipients change their email preferences rather than unsubscribe completely.

It isn't currently possible to add preference options to the unsubscribe page. However, it's possible to include a link to your preferences page on your unsubscribe page.

If you are interested in designing your own unsubscribe or preferences page, you can explore Klaviyo's hosted pages feature. Navigate to Account > Settings > Domains and Hosting to enable this feature. Only accounts with a paid plan who have passed account verification have access to this setting.

Update Opt-In Related Pages for a List

  1. Navigate to the list the opt-in page is connected to
  2. Click Subscribe & Preference Pages in the menu bar2019-04-10_10-04-10.png

If you need to translate the boilerplate language, e.g., the default language for this list's subscribe page and email confirmations, head to our article: Translate List Pages to Different Languages.

Fields and Sections that Cannot Be Updated

Some fields and sections of your unsubscribe and opt-in pages cannot be edited. Any section without a dotted outline cannot be changed. For example, on the Email Confirmation page, you can edit the logo, the heading, and the text field above the subscribe button. On the other hand, you can't edit the following Confirm Your Subscription message.


You are also unable to modify the subject line of the confirmation emails subscribers receive after clicking Subscribe on the opt-in confirmation page. The subject of this confirmation email defaults to "Confirm Your Subscription."

The specific name of the list a subscriber is opting into won't be exposed as part of the subject line, as this list name in Klaviyo may not be designed to be subscriber-facing. While the list name is pre-populated into the confirmation email itself, this can be modified.

Customize a List's Preferences Page

When you click on the preferences page for a given list, you will notice that there isn't an "Add Fields" section. This is because the preferences page for a list mirrors the subscribe page. So, to edit the preferences page, you must first edit the subscribe page.

  1. Navigate to the list the opt-in page is connected to
  2. Click Subscribe & Preference Pages in the menu bar
  3. Click Subscribe
  4. Add any fields that you want to appear on your preferences page


About Preferences Pages

In your account's main navigation sidebar, you will see a Preferences Pages tab. These are default email forms that are used in:

  • Emails sent to segments
  • Flows triggered by an event
  • Emails sent to multiple lists and/or segments

When you insert an unsubscribe tag — {% unsubscribe %} — or a manage preference tag — {% manage_preferences %} — into a campaign that is sending to a segment, the default email forms will be used. The same is true when you insert these tags into flow emails where the flow is triggered by an event.

When emails are sent to subscriber lists, however, the default email forms will not be used. This is because there are unique forms connected to specific lists. These can all be customized. First, navigate to the list you would like to change the forms for.

While you may want a single preferences page to use consistently across all email sends, having the ability to customize these forms for a specific list is often helpful. For example, if a list is being used for a special contest or subscriber offer, you may want your forms to look a certain way and display a different set of subscriber preferences than forms related to your primary newsletter list.

Redirect Opted-In Subscribers to a Thank You Page

  1. Navigate to the list the opt-in page is connected to
  2. Click Subscribe & Preference Pages in the menu bar
  3. Click Opt-In Confirmed
  4. Select the Redirect dropdown on the right-hand side2019-04-10_10-06-41.png
  5. Enter the URL of your thank you page into the window that says, "Skip this page and redirect to ____" 

Now, when subscribers opt-in, they will then be directed to your custom thank you page instead of seeing the standard opt-In confirmed message.

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