Customize a List's Unsubscribe Page


Find the Unsubscribe Page for a List

In the Lists & Segments tab of your account, select the list you're interested in updating. Click on the Subscribe & Preference Pages link from the top menu bar. Select the unsubscribe page from the menu of all pages shown.


Customize a List's Unsubscribe Page 

The unsubscribe page for your list should already have the styles you customized when editing the list's main subscribe page. If you have not yet styled this page to match your brand, you can adjust your page's styles here.

There are then a few additional aspects of your page you may also want to edit:

  1. Page Header
    Many newsletter lists like to use humor to lighten the mood. For example, you could update this to: "Did we overwhelm you?" or "Wait! Before you go..."
  2. Page Description
    Here, it's helpful to remind subscribers what options they have before clicking Unsubscribe. For example, you could include a call to attention for subscribers to update their email frequency preferences instead of unsubscribing altogether:

    Don't want to receive all of Klaviyo's emails? You can choose to receive our weekly or monthly digests instead by {% manage_preferences_link 'updating your preferences' %}.

  3. Update Preferences Link
    Notice there is a link underneath the unsubscribe button for subscribers to update their preferences instead of unsubscribing. You will want to ensure that your list's preferences page is up-to-date so that subscribers looking to update preferences actually find options after clicking this link.

    To add preference fields to your preferences page, all you have to do is add these fields to your list's subscribe page. These two pages are linked, so any fields you add to a subscribe page will automatically be added to your preferences page.
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