How to create and use quick responses

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Find out how to create and use quick responses in your SMS conversations. 

Quick responses are templates you can insert into your one-to-one conversations. They save you time, as you won't need to retype the same messages over and over again. You can also edit a quick response before it sends so that it can be more personalized to an individual's situation. 

Before you begin

There are a few important things to remember before using quick responses:

  1. You must have already set up SMS
  2. At least one opted-in SMS subscriber must have started a SMS conversation before you can add a quick response
  3. You can only respond to someone if they are an SMS subscriber
  4. Quick responses are billed the same as any other message in your SMS billing plan

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Add a quick response

  1. Navigate to the SMS Conversations tab
  2. Click into one of your conversations
  3. In the message thread on the right, click the Quick Response dropdown
  4. Click Create quick response 
    Quick Response dropdown showing the options to create a quick response
  5. Add a title so that you can easily identify when to use the quick response
  6. Type out your the quick response and insert any emojis
    Example of creating a title and message for a quick response
  7. Click Save

Insert a quick response into an SMS conversation

To use a quick response in a conversation, follow these steps: 

  1. In the message thread where you want to use the quick response, click the Quick Response dropdown
    Quick Response dropdown showing the option to insert a quick response
  2. Click Insert quick response
    Insert Quick Response page showing all existing quick responses
  3. Select the quick response you want to send
  4. Optional: Edit the response to be more specific to the customer
    Example of editing a quick response before sending it to a customer
  5. Click the send button

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