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Using a date property to trigger a flow is a great way to set up an email sequence around key dates you might collect from customers and subscribers, such as:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Appointment
  • Subscription date
  • Wedding date
  • Pregnancy due date

Learn how you can use signup forms to collect date properties from your customers. If you would like to trigger a flow off a date property you capture and store on profiles, choose the Date Property option from the initial trigger setup screen.

With this trigger option, you can build an automated flow that either starts:

  • On a specific date
  • Before a specific date

You cannot build an automated flow that starts:

  • on or before a specific calendar date that has not been added as a profile property, such as a holiday.

A person will qualify to enter a date property-triggered flow whenever the property value is added or updated on their profile. 

With dynamic time delays, you can automate emails leading up to a given date at certain points in time, send an email(s) on the date itself, and then send follow up emails after the date all within a single flow.

If your flow counts down to a given date, we will automatically insert recipients into the appropriate place in your flow series when the date is set on their profile and they qualify to enter. This means not everyone will start at the beginning of a sequence when counting down to a date, if for example, you don't acquire someone's date property that far in advance.

Note that someone will not enter a date property-triggered flow unless they fall within the flow's timeline, which is based on the full date property (day, month, and year). For instance, if someone enters their appointment date as 12/1/2025, and the associated flow starts on that date, they will not go into that flow until 12/1/2025. 

Configure a Date Property Trigger

When you first choose the date property trigger, you will be prompted to select which specific property you would like to trigger the flow.

All date-based profile properties in your account will appear in the dropdown menu for selection.

After selecting a date-based profile property, you will need to choose when the flow should start:

  • Before the date
  • On the date

If you choose to start the flow before the date, you can choose any number of days, weeks or months. This will also produce an anchor point (called the Target Date Delay component) on the actual date.

The final step is to set when the flow should repeat:

  • Monthly
    Recipients will qualify to enter this flow on a monthly recurring basis on the same day each month. For example, a monthly subscription reminder series.
  • Yearly
    Recipients will qualify to enter this flow on a yearly recurring basis on the same month/day. For example, a yearly birthday series.
  • Should not repeat
    Recipients will qualify to enter this flow only once when the full date matches (day, month, and year). For example, an appointment reminder.

You can also choose to apply a flow filter during your initial setup to restrict the flow to only certain people, and you can add or adjust these filters at any time. 

Update a Date Property Trigger

After you configure an initial date property trigger, you cannot edit the date property you selected. You can, however, edit when the flow will start and when it will repeat.

To edit these aspects of the trigger, click the trigger card on the canvas, and click into the trigger setup pane on the lefthand sidebar.

How the Date Property Trigger Works

Whenever a date property is added or updated on a profile, Klaviyo will check to see if any flows are triggered by that date property. If so, and the date falls within the timeline of the flow, we'll pull the profile into the flow and insert them at the appropriate point based on the timing established within the series.

If a date is set or updated on a profile but doesn’t fall within the timeline of your flow, the profile will not be scheduled at that time. We’ll check daily and queue up the recipient based on the starting point you set for your series. For example, if you have a birthday flow starting 2 weeks before someone’s birthday, recipients will only qualify once their birthday is 2 weeks away.

If someone missed the starting point because the date property was set too late, we will insert them midway into the series at the appropriate point.

Let's say you have a wedding flow that starts 6 months before someone's wedding. Every month leading up to their wedding date, you share content and products that you think will interest the bride or groom. On April 1st you receive a recipients wedding date, and it's 1 month away. Klaviyo will automatically insert this recipient at the "Wait until 1 Month before person's Wedding" point in time. The recipient will immediately be queued to receive the appropriate content.

If a date property is updated on a contact's profile, they will be added or removed from the flow accordingly. Before every email goes out, Klaviyo verifies that the date used to trigger the flow is still the same.

  • If the date has been updated or deleted altogether, we will automatically skip all remaining scheduled emails to ensure the recipient doesn't get should-be-timely emails around a date that's now void.
  • If a new date is set, we will automatically queue the person based on the updated date. This is particularly helpful for appointment-focused flows — if someone's appointment is rescheduled, all emails for the original date are cancelled when it comes time to send; then, the profile will be queued for the flow emails based on the new value. Due to the way Klaviyo schedules profiles for date-based flows, you may not see the individual in waiting when the date is changed. 
  • If you've set your flow trigger to repeat, either monthly or yearly, we'll check all profiles in your account daily to ensure anyone who is due to enter a date-based flow is queued up. This check runs a full day ahead of time to ensure that no recipients miss out, regardless of what timezone they're in.

Counting Down with Time Delays

When you configure a flow to start before a specific date, a Target Date Delay component is automatically created to serve as an anchor point. This component will have a target icon and will say "Wait until person's [Date Property]".

If you drag in a time delay before this target date anchor point, you will see a special type of delay configuration. This configuration will prompt you to fill in “Wait until ___ days/weeks/months before person’s [Date Property].” This allows you to easily countdown to the date using a regular time delay.

If you drag in a time delay after the target date delay anchor point, the setup will be the same as a regular time delay. You will be prompted you to set the delay to wait a certain number of days/weeks/months after the previous step.

The Time Delay component is dynamic for date property-triggered flows, so you can place the same component anywhere and schedule actions easily, whether you're trying to countdown to the target date or follow up after the date.

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