How to Collect SMS Consent on a Form’s Success Page

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After someone inputs their email in a signup form, you can use the success page to collect their SMS consent via a click-to-text button. This two-step approach makes it easy to gather consent for both channels without overwhelming someone by asking too much at once. Additionally, this method ensures that email and phone number information is stored in a single Klaviyo profile.

This option is only available for mobile-only forms and in certain countries. See where you can use Klaviyo SMS

This article explains how to create a form to collect email consent and use the success page to gather SMS consent. If you'd like to collect SMS and email consent in a form with a separate success message, head to the article How to Create a Multi-Step Form

Gather Email and SMS Consent via a Two-Step Form

Go to the Signup Forms tab and click Create Signup Form.

Create your form, either by making one from scratch or using an example from the Forms Library.

Design the subscribe form to fit your brand, focusing only on converting website visitors into email subscribers.


Navigate to the Behaviors tab of the Form Builder.

Under Targeting > By Location, set the form to only display for site visitors located in countries where Klaviyo SMS is available.


Next, click Success Message in the top middle of the Form Builder.


Edit the text to encourage email subscribers to opt into SMS marketing. Also, include language adhering to TCPA guidelines and link to your terms of service and privacy policy.


Next, drag in a button. Set the Action to Subscribe via SMS. This will automatically set the form to show only on mobile devices.


Success message input types are limited to text, image, and button blocks. If you want to collect more information using other blocks, you must do it on the subscribe form.

Choose your subscribe keyword. If you don’t see the keyword you want to use, add the keyword under Account > Settings > SMS or check that it’s live.

If the list connected to the subscribe keyword is different from the list you chose for the form, any profile who opts into SMS and email will be added to both lists. If you don’t see the profile in one or both lists, check if double opt-in is turned on and that the user confirmed their subscription.

Add your subscribe message. This is the message that will prepopulate in your customer’s messenger app. For instance, “Hi, I’d like to join the SWAK Squad!”


Note that a tag will automatically be added to the end of the message. The tag includes the subscribe keyword and a reference ID linking the phone profile to the email profile.


Once you finish your form, click Publish in the upper right. If the form is a popup or flyout, it will appear automatically on your site. If it’s an embed, you will need to paste the embed code in your site.


Now, when someone signs up for email, you can ask them for their SMS consent separately, and make it easy for them to subscribe on mobile.

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