Abandoned Checkouts and Checkout Started in Shopify

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Shopify's Abandoned Checkout metric is different from its Checkout Started metric.

Klaviyo's Abandoned Cart flow is triggered by the Checkout Started metric, while Shopify's Abandoned Cart flow is triggered by the Abandoned Cart metric.

When customers migrate from Shopify's Abandoned Cart flow to Klaviyo's Abandoned Cart flow, they are sometimes confused by the difference between the Checkout Started metric in Klaviyo and the Abandoned Cart metric in Shopify. This article explains the difference.


Checkout Started

In Klaviyo, a Checkout Started event is tracked when a customer enters his/her contact and shipping information ("Customer information") on the first page of the Shopify checkout process and clicks continue ("Continue to delivery method"). Checkout Started also includes all of the product information about the items in someone's cart including product names, images, and variant information so you can use this information in your abandoned cart emails.


Abandoned Checkout

Abandoned Checkout occurs in Shopify when a customer leaves checkout after the first page without completing their purchase.

When a potential customer provides their contact information and/or is logged into their Shopify account, and then continues to the next page of the checkout but doesn't complete the order, their cart is stored as an abandoned checkout. It is possible for an abandoned checkout to be recorded in Shopify even if there is no email address associated with it. 

While Shopify tracks Abandoned Checkout events, Klaviyo tracks Checkout Started events.  This is because Checkout Started necessarily captures an email address which Klaviyo uses for sending abandoned cart emails.

Remember that customers do not need to be subscribed to your newsletter list in order to trigger a Checkout Started event in Klaviyo.

Why is the number of Checkout Started events in my Klaviyo account less than the number of Abandoned Checkout events in my Shopify account? 

Since Checkout Started events recorded in Klaviyo are different than Abandoned Checkout events in Shopify, comparing the two numbers can be misleading.

One crucial difference between these events is that customers who Abandon Checkout in Shopify may or may not submit or be associated with their email address. 

In contrast, a Checkout Started event in Klaviyo requires that a customer enter their contact information (which includes their email address,) submit the information, and then proceed to the second Shopify checkout screen. 

This is why you may see a larger number of Abandoned Checkouts in Shopify, and a fewer number of Checkout Started events in Klaviyo.


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