Abandoned Checkouts and Checkout Started in Shopify

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Abandoned Checkouts and Checkout Started in Shopify

Klaviyo’s Abandoned Cart flow is triggered by the Checkout Started event, which is different from the Abandoned Checkouts you see in Shopify.  

In Klaviyo, the Checkout Started event is tracked when a customer enters his/her contact and shipping information ("Customer information") on the first page of the Shopify checkout process and clicks continue ("Continue to delivery method").


An Abandoned Checkout in Shopify occurs anytime someone places any item into their cart, regardless of whether they:

  • Are a return customer or not
  • Clicked into their cart
  • Clicked the checkout button

This creates misleading results. The number of Checkout Started events will often be lower than the number of Abandoned Checkouts you see in Shopify. Klaviyo does not track Abandoned Checkouts, only Checkout Started, which is why you cannot trigger a flow using the Abandoned Checkout event.

In order to send a shopper an abandoned cart email, Klaviyo must have the email address of the browser, which we receive with the Checkout Started event. Customers do not need to be subscribed to your newsletter list in order to trigger the Checkout Started event in Klaviyo.

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