How to Resend a Campaign Email to "Non-Openers"

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When you send an important email campaign, you may want to resend the campaign — or send a campaign with similar content — to those that you know didn't open this email. For large groups, the best way to accomplish this is by creating a new segment of customers that didn't open your email, cloning the campaign you want to resend, and sending to this new segment. You can also resend an email to individual recipients; for details, check out this article on resending Klaviyo emails

Resending a campaign via SMS is not recommended. From the subscriber's point of view, receiving the same, or even similar, texts can be annoying and lead them to unsubscribe.

Approach this tactic with caution, and do not do this for all of your campaigns. Consistently sending to people who do not open your emails can seriously damage your sender reputation and lead to your emails landing in the spam folder. Consider instead sending to a segment of customers who received the email, but did not purchase.

If you must use this resending technique for an important campaign, only attempt this if you are regularly seeing open rates above 20%. Otherwise, you may further harm your deliverability.

Create Segment

Create a segment with the following conditions:


Replace "EXAMPLE" with the name of the campaign you want to resend to. These criteria will create a segment of every user in that campaign that didn't receive and open an email.

Resend Campaign

  1. Clone the campaign you want to resend.
  2. Select the segment you created above, and click Create Copy of Campaign.
  3. Proceed through the remaining steps for creating campaign content and sending.
  4. If scheduling your campaign, make sure to select the Determine recipients at send time option.

Additional Resources

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