Understanding why some preview emails go to spam

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Learn about some potential reasons why you may see Klaviyo preview emails land in your spam folder. Reach out to our customer success team if you need any additional support.

Preview email limits

When sending a preview email, you have the ability to send it directly to an email address. This makes it easier for spammers to abuse this feature. In order to protect all of our customers, Klaviyo imposes sending limits on preview emails. If you reach your limit, you will need to wait 24 hours after your limit is reached for it to reset.

If you have reached your email sending limit, you can still preview your emails directly within the template instead. To do so, select Show directly in Klaviyo.

Show directly in Klaviyo option selected for previewing emails

Alternatively, you can create a preview list and send a live campaign to this list of people. Learn more about previewing emails in Klaviyo.

When sending preview emails, make sure that your test content looks as much like your real campaign as possible. If you use filler words or filler content, then this may trigger the email client’s spam filter. To ensure that your email content doesn't trigger spam filters, you can choose to use a third-party service like Litmus to confirm that your emails are passing basic spam filter tests.

Preview emails and Gmail spam filters

Gmail adjusts which emails get caught by its spam filters on a user-by-user basis. This means that Gmail is always learning based on your specific email address and how you interact with these emails.

If you send frequent preview emails to yourself, but don't necessarily open or click these emails, it's possible that your previews will start going to your spam folder. To shift this trend, engage with these preview emails by opening and clicking them. You can also manually prompt Gmail to place them back in your primary inbox by dragging the email out of your spam folder and into your Primary tab.

From address / reply-to issues

If Google manages your business’s email address, it’s common that preview messages will send to your spam folder if the from address/reply-to value matches the recipient's email address. Therefore, if you test an email by sending it to your own email address that is also associated with your Klaviyo account, then Google may mark it as spam. This is because Gmail monitors your sent folder and knows that this preview message wasn’t actually sent via your email address. It thus falsely detects this as a potential phishing attack.

If you believe your emails are being marked as spam due to from address/reply-to value issues, consider sending your preview emails using the template editor as described below.

Corporate spam filters and firewalls

Corporate spam filters and firewalls can be strict if you send multiple test emails (or many emails in general) to multiple people at your company. If you see this issue arise and think it is due to a firewall, check your firewall settings to ensure that they are not blocking Klaviyo emails.

Preview emails using the template editor

You have the option within Klaviyo to use the template editor as a way to preview emails. Instead of being sent from your email address, these preview emails are sent from Klaviyo.

If you experience deliverability issues with your preview emails, consider sending test emails via the Email Templates tab instead. On the other hand, if you face deliverability issues for test emails sent via the template editor, then you can use the flow/campaign editor preview email feature instead.

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