Understanding Who is in Your Account

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Total People: Understanding Who is in your Account

There are two primary ways contacts are added to your Klaviyo account:

  • By opting-in via one or more sign up forms/subscribe pages located on your website
  • General engagement via one or more integrations you have connected to your Klaviyo account -- i.e. making a purchase on your ecommerce store, abandoning a cart, etc. If you have an ecommerce store integrated with your Klaviyo account, we sync customer activity in real-time. If a customer engages with your site, we will create a new profile if one doesn't exist already. These individuals will have contact profiles in your account, but they may not be on any list.

People Added by Opting In

If you have one or more sign up forms or subscribe pages on your website, you have likely configured them so that new subscribers are automatically added to a list in Klaviyo.

When someone subscribes directly via a Klaviyo form, two things will happen:

  • They will be added to the specified list in Klaviyo
  • A Subscribed to List event will be recorded on the person's timeline


When someone subscribes via a third-party form (such as SumoMe, MailChimp, JustUno etc.), the subscriber will be synced with Klaviyo and added to the specified list, but no Subscribed to List event will be recorded. The Subscribed to List event is a Klaviyo-specific event.

Every sign up form must be connected to a specific list ID to ensure that new subscribers automatically get added to the correct list in your Klaviyo account. This means that all contacts flowing into your account via a sign up form or subscribe page will be accounted for on one of your lists.

People Added by General Engagement

If you have enabled one or more of Klaviyo's built-in integrations, contacts will also flow into your Klaviyo account through these integrations. These individuals may not have opted in via a sign up form, but they may have purchased a product from you, opened a support ticket with your team, registered for one of your Eventbrite events, etc.

For all of our built-in integrations, you can learn more about how contacts sync into Klaviyo by reviewing the relevant integration-specific guide.

When Klaviyo receives data on an individual and no profile already exists for him/her in your Klaviyo account, we will automatically create a new contact profile for this person. This allows Klaviyo to continue tracking this individual's activity as new data is received, creating a comprehensive, unified contact record for each person who interacts with your business.

This means, however, that not all contacts flowing into your Klaviyo account will be accounted for on one of your lists.

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