How to Export All People in Your Account

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If you want to export all of the people in your account, you will need to create a segment of those profiles and export that segment to a CSV file. This article will walk you through how to successfully create and export this segment.

Create a Segment to Export

The best way to export all people in your account is to create an all-inclusive segment. This segment should include the following condition: Properties about someone > Email contains @.

Never email this all-inclusive segment since it will contain people who have not opted in to receive emails from you. Emailing this segment can put your open rates and deliverability at risk.


This will create a segment of all emailable contacts in your account.

Export to CSV

Once this segment is populated, you can export the segment to a CSV file. To do so, expand the Manage Segment drop-down and select Export Segment to CSV. The export will contain all people in your account at the time of export.


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