Change the Currency for Your Account

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Klaviyo does not automatically convert any currency amounts that flow into your account through an integration.

The default currency prefix for every account, however, is the dollar sign ($).

This means that you will see numbers in your account reported with the $ prefix. Note, however, that we have not converted any amounts to the U.S. dollar.

Change Default Currency Prefix for Reporting

The default currency prefix for every account is the dollar sign ($). As noted above, this does not mean Klaviyo converts amounts to the U.S. dollar. This only means that Activity Feeds and other reporting tools will feature the $ prefix.

If you would like to change the default currency prefix in your account, please contact our Success Team.

In the example below, this account's default currency prefix has been updated to British Pounds (£). When the default currency is changed for your account, this updated currency prefix will show on your main Dashboard, as well as wherever revenue numbers are reported in Klaviyo.


Change Currency Prefix in Email Templates

When the default currency is updated for your account, this does not change the currency prefix populated in any email templates.

All text blocks in email templates are editable - you can go into each template and change the "$" to "£" or another prefix to reflect your company's currency.

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