How to change your plan in Klaviyo

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Learn how to upgrade or downgrade your Klaviyo billing plan. 

This article does not discuss canceling. If you wish to cancel your plan, please read How to cancel your Klaviyo account

Before you begin

Before you change your plan, note that downgrading does not take effect immediately. The payment and downgrade will happen as of your next billing cycle.

Changing your plan

  1. Click your organization’s name in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click Account & billing.
  3. Click either Change Plan or Create your plan.
  4. Review your current plan’s usage.
  5. Either:
    • Input the number of profiles or SMS credits you need
    • Pick one of the suggested plans
      Page where you can change your email and profile or SMS plan
  6. Click Choose Plan.
  7. Review the plan and billing information.
    Checkout page when changing your Klaviyo plan
  8. Click Confirm and Pay.


If you upgraded, this change will take effect immediately so that you can continue sending. If you want this process to be automatic, you can enable auto-upgrade

Downgrades will take effect as of the following billing cycle. 

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