How to retry a failed credit card payment

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Learn how to retry a credit card payment in Klaviyo if a recurring payment has failed. 

We recommend only trying this approach 2 times per invoice. 

Before you begin

mceclip1.png This article only applies when:

  • Payments are recurring
  • A recurring payment did not go through and you want to try again
  • The account is not based in India (due to the way payments must be handled there)
  • The account is active or suspended
    • If the account is canceled, you must first subscribe to a new plan

If you are simply trying to pay for the first time by credit card, see this article on updating your credit card information

Payment retry options

To retry a payment, you can do any of the following:

  • Enter the same credit card that’s in your Klaviyo account
  • Use a different credit card
    • Note that this will be treated as a one-time payment; it will not update the credit card Klaviyo has on file
  • Use Google Pay (if your device allows it)

How to retry a failed recurring payment

  1. Click on the account dropdown in the upper right-hand corner, and select Account
    Dropdown under the organization name, showing the Account option
  2. Click on the Billing tab
  3. Select Payment History 
    The Payment History tab under Billing
  4. Click on the invoice you want to pay and download it
  5. Open the invoice you just downloaded
  6. Click Pay Online

    An example of an invoice, showing the Pay Now link
  7. Either pay via Google Pay or enter your credit card information
    Payment option modal for an invoice
  8. Click the pay button 


Using the method described above, you’ll be able to retry a credit card payment. 

If successful, your invoice will be paid. If your account was suspended due to lack of payment, it will be re-enabled once the payment goes through. 

If the payment fails twice, you’ll need to contact Klaviyo Support.

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