How to retry a failed credit card payment

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Learn how to retry a credit card payment in Klaviyo if a recurring payment has failed. 

Before you begin

You will only be able to retry a credit card payment when:

  • Payments are recurring.
  • A recurring payment did not go through and you want to try again.
  • The account is not based in India (due to the way payments must be handled there).
  • Klaviyo has not scheduled a retry for within 15 minutes. 
  • You've updated the credit card on file more than 1 hour ago.
    • After you update a credit card, Klaviyo waits up to 1 hour before retrying a payment. If you changed the credit card more recently, please wait the full hour to see if the payment goes through. 
  • The account is active or suspended.
    • If the account is canceled, you must first subscribe to a new plan.

If you are simply trying to pay for the first time by credit card, see this article on updating your credit card information

Retry a credit card payment

If you don't see the Retry payment button, a retry is not available at this time. You will only see this button when you meet all of the conditions listed in the previous section. We recommend checking back after a full 15 minutes pass. 

  1. Click on the account dropdown in the lower left.
  2. Select Account & billing
  3. In the Billing section at the top of the page, click Retry payment.


Using the method described above, you’ll be able to retry a credit card payment. 

If successful, your invoice will be paid. If your account was suspended due to lack of payment, it will be re-enabled once the payment goes through. 

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