How to filter out unsubscribed SMS profiles in CSVs

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Learn how to filter your CSV file to remove SMS profiles who are currently unsubscribed.

If you move opted-out contacts to a new spreadsheet, you can upload them as unsubscribed to SMS. This way, you'll have the information you've already collected about them in Klaviyo, but you won't risk texting them. You'll also have a spreadsheet of only your opted-in contacts, which you can import as subscribed. 

Before you begin

Before getting started, we recommend formatting your spreadsheet in the following ways: 

For our example, we discuss a situation in which you:

  • Have a column indicating the opt-in status
  • Are using Google Sheets

The instructions may vary based on both your CSV and the software you’re using. 

Only the phone number and country are required when importing SMS profiles. However, we added other information in our example that you may want to include, such as email and name. 

How to remove opted-out profiles

Follow the steps below to remove any SMS profile who is not opted-in. 

  1. Click the top of the column that indicates whether someone is opted in (e.g., column "F" in this example)
    Highlighting the column that indicates the opt-in status
  2. Click Data > Create a Filter
    The Data dropdown that shows the option to Create a Filter
  3. Click the filter button in the top cell of the column
  4. Uncheck “(Blanks)” and “0,” since “1” indicates profiles who are not subscribed 
    Filter settings when only the 1 is checked
  5. Click OK
  6. Highlight the opted-out profiles (indicated by the 1)
  7. Copy these profiles (Edit > Copy)
    Edit dropdown showing the Copy button
  8. Click File > New Spreadsheet to create a new spreadsheet
  9. Paste the opted-out profiles into the new spreadsheet
  10. Close the new spreadsheet
  11. Navigate back to the original spreadsheet
  12. Highlight all the opted-out contacts
  13. Click Edit > Delete > Selected rows 
    Deleting the opted-out contacts from the spreadsheet
  14. Click the filter button in the top cell of the “Opted In?” column
  15. Uncheck “1” 
  16. Check “0”
  17. Click OK
    Filter settings when only the 0 is checked


You’ll now have 2 spreadsheets, one with all of your opted-in contacts and the other with only opted-out contacts. This way, you’ll be able to import SMS subscribers into Klaviyo without risking assigning consent to someone who is unsubscribed. 

You can also upload the opted-out contacts so that you have their information in Klaviyo and show that they are unsubscribed. 

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