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Learn how to integrate with Gorgias Helpdesk so that you can sync support ticket activity to Klaviyo and respond to SMS from within Gorgias. When you integrate with Gorgias, Opened Ticket, Resolved Ticket, and Completed Survey metrics for all ticket activity will sync to Klaviyo, and you will have the choice to sync SMS conversations and manage SMS responses from within Gorgias.  

Before you begin

  • The SMS integration only works: 
    • For US or Canadian recipients
    • For UK recipients using a long code or short code 
    • For AUS recipients using a long code
  • If you plan to use Gorgias to respond to SMS, you must have previously set up SMS in Klaviyo. If you haven’t already done so:

      1. Click your account name in the lower left, then select Settings > SMS
      2. Click Set up SMS for free
  • Make sure that you’ve reviewed our best practices for two-way messaging, including your auto-responder setup.
  • Additionally, make sure to set up custom subscribe keywords for any prompted responses from customers, in order to set automatic replies and add those customers to specific lists. Any custom subscribe keywords sent by customers will not prompt ticket creation in Gorgias. 

Integrate with Gorgias

Follow the steps outlined below to integrate Gorgias with Klaviyo: 

  1. Log in to your Klaviyo account.
  2. In the lower left corner, select your account name and then click Integrations.
  3. Select All Integrations and search for Gorgias.
    Gorgias integration in Klaviyo, with option to add integration on right side of screen
  4. Click Add Integration.
  5. Click Integrate with Gorgias to start setting up the integration.
  6. Enter your Helpdesk URL into the field labeled Gorgias Helpdesk URL. This will sync all Gorgias activity. For example, if you use one Gorgias account to manage multiple regional sites (and multiple Klaviyo accounts), all Gorgias activity will sync to the Klaviyo account where you set up the integration.
    Screen to enter Gorgias helpdesk URL, with Sync SMS Conversations option toggled under URL
  7. If you do not want to use the integration's SMS help desk functionality, uncheck the Sync SMS Conversations box.
  8. Click Connect to Gorgias to open a new browser tab.
  9. In the new tab, enter your Gorgias username and password.
  10. Click Login.
    Screen to enter Gorgias account email and password, with a green login button at the bottom of the screen
  11. Select All resources from the dropdown and click Authorize.
  12. In the resulting modal, verify your Klaviyo account name and ID. If they are not correct, check that you:
    1. Inputted the correct Gorgias domain
    2. Logged in with the correct Gorgias account (if you have multiple)
    3. Connected to the correct Klaviyo account for your brand
      Confirm Klaviyo for Gorgias modal, showing Klaviyo account name and ID, with button to confirm in the lower right corner of popup
  13. Click Confirm if these values are correct.
  14. Click Connect to Gorgias to finish the Gorgias Klaviyo integration.

If the integration connection is successful, a modal will confirm that your Gorgias account is now connected to Klaviyo.

If you click Go Back to Klaviyo, you’ll be able to see the following in the Gorgias integration settings within Klaviyo:

  • Gorgias Helpdesk URL
  • External ID: this is set in Gorgias and synced to Klaviyo
  • Sync SMS conversations = True 


You've now set up Klaviyo's Gorgias integration. Read on to learn more about what metrics are synced between Gorgias and Klaviyo and how the integration works. 

Metrics synced between Gorgias and Klaviyo

The following metrics are synced in real time from Gorgias to Klaviyo. The metrics will appear on an individual’s profile page and can be used in segments and flows. 

  • Opened Ticket
  • Resolved Ticket
  • Satisfaction survey responded (e.g., Completed Survey)
    Opened Ticket, Resolved Ticket, and Completed Survey showing as metrics in Klaviyo

Each metric is stored with an associated profile. If a profile doesn't exist, one will be created in Klaviyo. 

If you are in a specific profile and view the activity for a metric, you’ll be able to see information such as:

  • Who the ticket was assigned to
  • Ticket ID and URL
  • Channel (SMS or email)
  • Message content
    Activity synced to Gorgias for a subscriber, including the ticket information and inbound SMS message

How the Gorgias SMS integration works

After the integration is set up, Klaviyo will automatically create a ticket in Gorgias whenever: 

  • A consented SMS subscriber texts a phone number associated with your account. 
  • The text message does not contain a keyword (i.e., one of the subscribe words listed in your SMS Settings page in Klaviyo). The two exceptions to this are HELP and INFO, which will both create a ticket. 

SMS messages from branded sender IDs (also called alphanumeric sender IDs) are not shown, because these numbers cannot receive inbound messages. Branded sender IDs are one of the sending number types available in the UK and Australia. UK customers with short codes or long codes, and Australian customers with long codes, are able to use two-way messaging.

Any subsequent messages are automatically added to the ticket.

Responses from within Gorgias will also appear in Klaviyo, but responses sent within the Klaviyo Conversations tab will not appear in Gorgias. For this reason, we recommend that you only reply to customers from one platform. Additionally, flow, campaign, and auto response messages sent via Klaviyo will not appear in Gorgias. 

Replies from Gorgias are sent using the same channel as the latest inbound message, and sent via a phone number associated with your Klaviyo account. If a subscriber texts you, the reply will be an SMS sent via the toll-free number or short code in your account. 

Messages from Gorgias count toward your SMS billing plan like any other message.

Note that if you are managing multiple brands in Gorgias, all of your Gorgias metrics will sync to Klaviyo.

When the integration syncs 

The integration syncs in real time. As soon as an SMS subscriber texts you, that message will appear in Gorgias. 

Note that there is no historic sync. SMS conversations won’t appear in Gorgias if a subscriber texted you before you set up this integration. However, all further messages will sync. If a subscriber texts you once before you enable the integration and once after, the message that comes in after you set up the integration will show in Gorgias, but the one sent before will not. 

About MMS messages

If a customer sends an image or GIF with a text message, the image will not be displayed in Gorgias. Similarly, you cannot send MMS messages from Gorgias. 

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