How to Integrate with Gorgias

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Learn how to integrate your Gorgias helpdesk with Klaviyo to manage all of your SMS conversations from inside Gorgias.

This integrations only works when recipients are in the US or Canada, as alphanumeric sender IDs cannot receive text messages.

The following guide will help you set up the Gorgias integration in a few steps. First, you’ll enable the Gorgias integration in Klaviyo. Then, you’ll set up the integration in Gorgias, which will enable a real-time sync of specific Gorgias data into Klaviyo.

How the Gorgias Integration Works

When a customer sends an SMS to a Klaviyo phone number, an associated ticket is created in Gorgias. Each subsequent message is then added as a comment to the Gorgias ticket, and any replies in the ticket from a Gorgias agent will send an SMS back to the customer.

This integration syncs ticket information from Gorgias to Klaviyo, including creation event data and when new messages are sent or received. The integration also syncs data from Klaviyo to Gorgias about SMS messages associated with the Gorgias ticket.

Enable the Gorgias Integration in Klaviyo

First, find the Gorgias integration in Klaviyo either by navigating here, or navigate to the Integrations tab, search for Gorgias on the All Integrations tab, and click Add Integration.

Gorgias integration in Klaviyo, with option to add integration on right side of screen

Click Integrate with Gorgias on the Klaviyo Gorgias integration splash page to enable the integration.

SMS must be set up before you can sync SMS conversations from Gorgias. See our article on how to set up SMS for more information.

Initial page of Gorgias integration in Klaviyo, with blue button at the bottom to begin integration

Enter your helpdesk URL into the Gorgias Helpdesk URL field, then click Connect to Gorgias. This will open a new browser tab.

Screen to enter Gorgias helpdesk URL, with Sync SMS Conversations option toggled under URL

In the new browser tab, enter your Gorgias login credentials (username and password), then click Login.

Screen to enter Gorgias account email and password, with a green login button at the bottom of the screen

Select All resources from the dropdown, then click Authorize.

Dropdown to choose Gorgias resources to sync back to Klaviyo, with All resources selected, and button to authorize sync at the bottom of the page

The Confirm Klaviyo for Gorgias modal will then pop up, showing your Klaviyo account name and ID. Verify these values, then click Confirm.

Confirm Klaviyo for Gorgias modal, showing Klaviyo account name and ID, with button to confirm in the lower right corner of popup

Your Klaviyo integrations page will refresh, bringing you to the final page of the integration setup. On this page, click Connect to Gorgias to finish the Gorgias Klaviyo integration.

Final page of Gorgias integration with Klaviyo, with Connect to Gorgias button in the bottom right hand corner

If the integration connection is successful, you will see a modal confirming that your Gorgias account is now connected to Klaviyo.

Gorgias integration confirmation screen, with button to go back to Klaviyo at the bottom of the popup

Click Go Back to Klaviyo.

Now, in the Gorgias integration settings within Klaviyo, you’ll be able to see the following:

  • Gorgias Helpdesk URL
  • External ID: this is set in and synced from Gorgias, and is used by support
  • Sync SMS conversations = True

Gorgias integration management page, showing the Gorgias helpdesk URL and external ID, along with the option to disable the integration at the top of the page

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