How to Create Your First Signup Form

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When you begin using Klaviyo, you can create a branded signup form and publish it to your site in just a few clicks. This form is preset with our list growth best practices, so you can launch it confidently.

Prefer more control over your first form? Select your preferred option under Choose your goal to get started, and you’ll be able to select a template and fully customize it to fit your needs. 

Note that this first-time process is only available for the first signup form you create. To build additional forms in the future, use our Signup Form editor

Create Your First Form

To begin building a signup form to collect email or SMS subscribers, navigate to the Signup Forms tab. Click Create Form to open the prebuilt Klaviyo form that follows acquisition best practices. This form comes preset with your branding and colors, and you can customize the text, fonts, and colors.

Select a List and Review Display Settings

Select a list under Subscribe List. This is the list that subscribers will be added to when they fill out your signup form. Note the display settings that have been selected:

  • Show to Non-Klaviyo profiles
    This form will appear to visitors who are not known to Klaviyo
  • Shown after 5 seconds
    This form will appear once the visitor stays on a page for 5 seconds
  • Shown on all pages of your site
    This form will appear on the first page a customer lands on, provided they stay on the page for at least 5 seconds
  • Visible on desktop and mobile
    This form will appear on all device types

To adjust any of these settings, scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand menu and click Open In Editor. You’ll then have access to the full Signup Form editor, and can adjust the display settings in the Targeting & Behaviors section. 

Customize Your Form’s Content

In the Content section, adjust the language in the form to match your branding. The Header, Body, and Button text will appear to potential subscribers, and the Success message will appear to those who complete the form. You can also optionally add your logo with the Logo toggle, or start collecting SMS subscribers using the Collect Phone Numbers toggle. 

Setting Up SMS in Klaviyo

If you choose to collect phone numbers in your first form, you’ll need to provide links to your terms of service and privacy policy, which must be updated to reflect your mobile program. See Klaviyo’s sample SMS Terms of Service for guidance. 

Klaviyo currently only offers SMS in certain jurisdictions. See where Klaviyo SMS is available

Style Your Form

In the Style section, you can customize the font and colors used in your form. If you’d like additional customization options (including the ability to add images), scroll down and click Open In Editor for full editor access

Display Options: Popup vs. Flyout

Under Display Options, choose whether you’d like your form to appear as a popup or flyout. A popup will appear on the center of the page, covering other elements of your site, so a visitor must either fill out the form or dismiss it. Popups tend to have higher conversion rates than other form types. A flyout is less intrusive, and will fly out from the bottom-right corner of the screen. The flyout will not inhibit the visitor from continuing to navigate through your site. 

Publish Your Form

Once you’ve styled your form, click Publish Form. After you do so, the form will be live on your site. 

Signup forms are dependent on Klaviyo’s web tracking Javascript, klaviyo.js, being installed on your site. If you don’t see the form when visiting your site, make sure you’ve selected the option to inject Klaviyo’s Javascript automatically in your ecommerce platform integration settings, or install it manually

As visitors come to your site and submit your form, they will be added to the list you selected. You can review your signup form analytics, customize your form, or create additional forms

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