How to A/B test offers using sign-up forms

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Learn how to use A/B testing for forms to offer different promotions to your subscribers, and how to deliver the correct promo to those who subscribe. Offering a perk, like a discount or free item, can motivate site visitors to subscribe and learn more about your brand. However, it can be hard to tell whether your perk is working, or if there’s an alternative that would be more effective. 

Test offers using a form 

You can use an A/B test to experiment with different offers and understand which ones perform best. For example, you can compare how a 10% discount compares to a free shipping coupon, or offer subscribers a free sample with their next purchase. Your A/B test will help you understand which offer is most compelling for your specific audience. 

To get started:

1. Create a new sign-up form or open an existing one.

2. Design one variation of the form with an offer.

3. Click Create A/B test.

4. In version B, adjust the form’s copy to indicate the new offer you plan to test.

5. Next, add a hidden property in each form version indicating the offer. You’ll use this later when you set up the flow to deliver the correct offers to your new subscribers.

  • To add a hidden property, click the submit button in the form editor. Under Submit Hidden Fields, click Add a property. Set Profile Property to Offer, and set Value to match the offer in your form version. For example, if your first variation offers a 15% discount, you could set the value to 15% off.

6. Navigate to variation B of your form and add the offer property there as well. Make sure to set a value that matches the offer specified in variation B.

7. Once you’ve built both versions of your form and added a unique hidden property to each, set the form live.

8. Finally, test your form by filling it out.

  • Navigate to your site and trigger the form to appear. Make sure you meet the conditions for the form set in the Targeting & Behaviors section, or it may not appear for you. Once you fill out the form, the new hidden property will be added to your profile, which is important for the next step: creating your flow. 

Deliver the right offer to subscribers 

After building your form and setting it live, you’ll need to deliver the correct offers to those who subscribe. To do so, you’ll use a flow filter and a conditional split:

  1. Create a list-triggered flow, using the list connected to your form as the trigger.
  2. Add a flow filter with the following definition: Properties about someone > $consent_form_id, and select your form’s ID as the Dimension value
    A flow filter attached to a list-triggered flow with the definition collecting profiles > unique ID
  3. You can locate any form’s ID by navigating to the form editor and viewing its URL. The form ID will be a six-digit code at the end of the URL. 
    The unique form id of a form circled within the page URL.
  4. If you have any other welcome flows triggered by the same list, make sure to exclude these subscribers from that flow. You can exclude them with this flow filter: Properties about someone > $consent_form_id > doesn’t equal > [your form ID].
  5. Once the flow filter is set, drag a Conditional Split block into the flow and select Properties about someone from the Select a condition menu.
  6. Under Dimension, select Offer (or whichever property name you used). In the Dimension value section, select one of the offers.
    • Don’t see the dimension or dimension value available in your flow filter dropdown? Make sure you’ve tested your form by filling it out. When you fill out the form, the property and value will be added to your profile properties in Klaviyo, as well as the flow filter dropdown.
      A conditional split with the definition set to properties about someone, the dimension set to offer, and the value equals 15% off.
  7. Beneath the Yes path of the split, add a welcome message that includes the appropriate offer (a coupon code for 15% off, in this case).
  8. Add another message under the No path with the second offer you’re testing.
    Two welcome messages added under the yes and no path of the split, each with one of the offers you're testing.
  9. Once the messages are ready, set your flow live. New subscribers will be directed down the correct path based on the offer they saw in their sign-up form. 

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