Understanding account notifications and updates in Klaviyo

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Learn about the ways Klaviyo notifies you about any major changes in your account, such as when a new feature releases, there is an error with one of your integrations, or a payment fails.

Email updates

In some cases, the Owner will receive email correspondence from Klaviyo informing them of an important update or an alert about their account. Keep the account Owner’s contact information up-to-date and frequently check this inbox so that you do not miss out on any important updates.

The main categories of email updates (with examples) are as follows:

  • Deliverability 
    When you face a high bounce rate or a cancelled campaign.
  • Billing
    When you reach 95% of your account sending limit while on a free plan or if a payment fails. Note that, the account Owner or Admin can update who receives billing notifications.
  • Integrations
    When you successfully integrate your store or when an integration fails.
  • Lists & Segments
    When you successfully import a list.
  • Conversations
    When a customer texts your SMS sending number without a keyword.

In-app notifications

If you have access to multiple accounts, note that in-app notifications are not specific to the account you are logged into and can be in reference to any account you have access to.

In-app notifications provide important account information, platform updates, an area to access your Benchmarks report downloads, and more. These are within your notifications inbox, represented by a bell icon at the top of your Klaviyo account.


All of your unread notifications will show as a number above this bell icon. Click the bell icon to see a list of your unread notifications, with your newest alert listed first.

There is a limit of 99 unread messages that can represent your notifications number. Anything above 99 will not update the number itself, but will still be captured in the notifications list.


Reading individual notifications

Open your list of notifications and find the one you want to read. Note that if you have a lot of notifications, simply scroll through them as needed. When you have reached the end of your notifications list, a message will appear noting You’ve reached the end.


Click into a notification to expand the alert for details on how to adjust your plan or account settings, how to fix a specific error, more information on a recent release, or any other important Klaviyo-related account information. Your notifications will also include the date when it was generated.

Once you click into a notification, your notifications number above the icon will reduce and your notification will no longer be in bold and have a status circle.

When you finish reading an individual notification, click Dismiss or the back arrow to return to the full list of notifications.


Marking all messages as read

If you wish to dismiss all your notifications and mark all messages as read at once, click Mark all as read.

When you receive an in-app notification, it is important to read and take the necessary action to maintain the success of your account and grow your business. Only use the Mark all as read option if you are sure that you understand the notifications and their related details.


Once you have marked all your notifications as read, your notifications number will reset and all items will no longer be in bold and have a status circle.

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