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Whenever major changes (e.g., a new feature is released in Klaviyo or your payment fails) occur in your account, Klaviyo will notify your account Owner with necessary information via email or in-app notifications. In this article, you will learn more about what these modes of contact entail.

Email Updates

In some cases, the Owner will receive email correspondence from Klaviyo informing them of an important update or an alert about their account. Keep the account Owner’s contact information up-to-date and frequently check this inbox so that you do not miss out on any important updates.

The main categories of email updates (with examples) are as follows:

  • Deliverability — when you face a high bounce rate or a cancelled campaign.
  • Billing — when you reach 95% of your account sending limit while on a free plan or if a payment fails. Note that, the account Owner or Admin can update who receives billing notifications.
  • Integrations — when you successfully integrate your store or when an integration fails.
  • Lists & Segments — when you successfully import a list.

In-App Notifications

Meanwhile, Klaviyo will often notify you of fixes that need to be made or general updates via in-app notifications. If you have an unread notification, you will see a green number next to the notification icon. This number symbolizes the amount of outstanding notifications you have. When you click this icon, you will see all of your unread notifications, with your newest alert listed first.


Click into these notifications to expand the alert for more details on how to level up or fix a specific problem at hand. When you finish reading your notification, click All Notifications to return to the main list of in-app alerts.


Notifications that appear within Klaviyo are color-coded based on the severity of the account issue. These colors include:

  • Green: to alert you that you are currently underutilizing your account and provide information around next steps. This will also appear when a new feature is released in Klaviyo.
  • Yellow: to signal that there is a minor account issue that needs to be resolved.
  • Red: to signify an urgent issue that needs to be resolved rapidly to return your account to a healthy state.

When you receive an in-app notification, regardless of the color, it is important to read and take the necessary action to maintain the success of your account and grow your business. To stop seeing this notification, click into the notification and press the dismiss link to remove it permanently.

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