Troubleshooting Your Instagram Web Feed in Emails

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If your Instagram feed does not appear to be working in your emails, Klaviyo is likely having an issue retrieving your feed content. To determine the cause, we recommend attempting to test your feed to ensure you are able to preview content without issue.

Test Your Feed

If you would like to test or preview an existing Instagram feed, navigate to the Data Feeds section of your Klaviyo account. Click on the feed that references Instagram. In the upper right-hand corner, click Preview.

If you are able to preview your feed content, this means your feed is currently set up correctly and working as expected. Make sure your feed is referenced properly in your email.

If you see an error message, this likely means your feed URL was either not set up correctly or the required access permissions have expired. Reference the section below if you are seeing errors and believe your feed may be relying on Instagram's Legacy API.

Instagram API Changes

As of June 29th, 2020, Instagram will be deprecating their Legacy API. This API was commonly used by Instagram users & third-party applications to pull Instagram content and generate a feed of recent posts.

If your Instagram web feed relied on this Legacy API, or relied on a third-party app that was built using Instagram's Legacy API, these feeds will no longer work. Unfortunately, as this API is managed by Instagram and this is something that Klaviyo has no control over.

What You Should Do

First, head to your Instagram web feed from the Data Feeds tab. Here, you will find any Web Feed that may be setup to pull in content from your Instagram account.

If your feed directly references

You will need to explore using Instagram's new Basic Display API (which requires you to regularly refresh your Access Token) or an RSS Feed Generator to pull content directly from your Instagram account. Review our step-by-step instructions on adding Instagram content to your emails. 

You can alternatively seek out a third-party application that supports generating an Instagram Feed for you. You can use one of the below Klaviyo technology partners:

If you are using a third-party app to generate your feed

Reach out to the service you are using & follow their instructions to ensure your feed can remain active if possible.


If a live updating Instagram feed is not essential for you to have, while not the most evergreen option, you can add static images of your Instagram to your messages. This is recommended if you are having trouble generating a feed on content directly from your Instagram account. For more information, check out our article on Using Images in Templates.


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