Using Instagram Content in Campaign Emails

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With a custom web feed, you can connect your Instagram content to your campaign emails and dynamically display your latest Instagram photos, captions, and more.

This guide shows you how to set up a custom web feed with your Instagram account. From there, you can work with our custom web feed guide to pull your Instagram data into your campaign emails.

This procedure uses a third-party application to generate an Instagram access token. This token is needed to set up your custom web feed with Instagram. Keep your Instagram access token safe and exercise security best practices when working with your token.

Set Up an Instagram Web Feed

Navigate to this URL and click Generate Access Token After Updating Theme to generate an Instagram access token.

If you're not logged in to your Instagram account, you will be redirected and prompted to log in. If you are logged in, you will be immediately taken to a page displaying your generated access token.

Copy this token and store it in a secure place.

Create an Instagram Custom Web Feed

Add your Instagram access token to the end of the following url:

For example, if you generated abc123DEF456ghi789klm101NOP112qRs131tuv415WxY161zAb as your Instagram access token, then you would construct the following URL:

Next, use this url to generate a custom web feed inside your Klaviyo account. From your Klaviyo account, navigate to your Data Feeds tab. Click Add Web Feed.

Name your feed, and for the Feed URL, enter the URL you constructed above.

You can leave the rest of the settings the same. Click Add Data Feed and your Instagram webfeed is ready to use.

Pull Instagram Content into Your Campaign Emails

With your Instagram access token generated, and your Instagram web feed set up, you can follow our guide on adding a custom web feed. This guide gives you more details on adding your Instagram web feed to a campaign and referencing your Instagram content dynamically into your campaign emails.

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