SMS Metrics

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SMS Metrics

Understanding the metrics pulled into Klaviyo from your recipients’ interaction with your SMS messages is crucial to gaining insight into how your marketing is performing. In this article, we go over the metrics for SMS in Klaviyo.

Klaviyo does not track open rates for SMS, because most recipients will open an SMS message that they receive. When it comes to SMS messages, the click rate is the metric that should be focused on, as clicks are more relevant to conversions.

Tracked SMS Metrics

In your account Metrics or in the activity feed from your dashboard, you can see the SMS events in your account. Let’s dive into what each metric means.

  • Received SMS
    When Klaviyo has recorded that your recipient has received an SMS
  • Clicked SMS
    When a recipient clicks on a link within an SMS message.
  • Consented to Receive SMS
    When a recipient confirms that they want to receive your messages.
  • Sent SMS
    When someone texted your destination number to subscribe.
  • Unsubscribed from SMS
    When a recipient texts STOP and unsubscribes from your SMS messages.
  • Failed to Deliver SMS
    When a message is sent but not delivered to the recipient. There are a few reasons why this may happen.
    • Device Disconnected means that the device is no longer in service.
    • Device Unreachable means that the device is not in a service area, not accepting messages, or the device is off.
    • Carrier Violation means that the phone carrier filtered the message out.
    • Message Blocked means that Klaviyo's system blocked the message from going to the recipient. 
    • Device Incapable of Receiving SMS means that the number is a landline or cannot receive SMS.
    • Unknown means that the wireless carrier did not report why a message was not delivered.

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