Verify That New Contacts Are Being Added to a Newsletter List

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Growing your email list is one of the most important steps in getting set up for success with Klaviyo. Once someone subscribes to your newsletter list, you’ll be able to effortlessly collect all sorts of data about them, like what items they’ve looked at on your site and more -- even if they’ve never made a purchase. This, in turn, will help you send more targeted emails. There are five main ways new contacts can be added to your account:

  • Signup form
  • Subscribe page
  • List (CSV) upload
  • Quick Add
  • Copy / paste from Excel

Determine How You Are Collecting New Subscribers

Uploading a CSV is one way to get existing contacts into your Klaviyo account when switching from another email service provider, but after this initial setup, you should use a subscribe page or signup form to ensure that you’re continuously collecting new subscribers. After you’ve uploaded a list from a CSV file, copy/pasted a list from Excel, or quick added contacts to a list, you will need to collect new subscribers using a subscribe page or signup form.

Klaviyo has three types of built-in signup forms, including:

  • Pop-ups (modals)
  • Fly outs
  • Embedded (usually in the header or footer of your site)

Klaviyo’s built-in subscribe pages can be embedded as a page on your site or hyperlinked to in an email, on a landing page, etc.

Klaviyo also integrates with a number of 3rd-party list growth tools that you may choose to use instead. 

If you are not using any of the above email collection methods, new contacts are not being added to your Klaviyo account.

Verify That New Subscribers Are Being Added to a List

When you click into a list, you will see contacts who have been added in chronological order. Please note that if you upload a CSV or copy/paste from an Excel spreadsheet, the upload dates will be the same for all contacts.


If you are collecting new contacts using a signup form or a subscribe page, you can also test that new subscribers are being added to your list by signing up yourself. We recommend using a testing alias. For example, if your email address is, your testing alias could be Each time you test the same signup method, you will have to use a different alias.

If you sign up and see your email address appear at the top of the “Members” tab of a list, you can be sure that the signup method you tested is working. If you are certain you have a signup method hooked up to Klaviyo and you are not seeing new subscribers flow into your account, feel free to contact our Success Team for help.

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