Changing a Report's Conversion Metric


At Klaviyo, we realize that different email campaigns may have a different call-to-action (CTA). While some email efforts may be revenue driven, others may have a goal of driving website traffic, or a different type of conversion.

When you send an email campaign, or turn an automated email flow live, we automatically track attributions across all metrics in your account. This means you can easily toggle to see how a campaign performed across different attributable activities - how many people were active on your website after receiving the email? How many people started the checkout process? How many people went on to place an order after opening the message?

We don't make you choose which conversion metrics matter most for your business, and we make it easy to get a comprehensive view of how any email performed.

Campaign Conversions

Campaigns Overview

From the Campaigns tab of your account, you will be able to see a snapshot overview of how your most recent 10 campaigns have performed. You will see the Open Rate and Click rate for each campaign, and then you will be able to toggle the third column to see the conversion metric of your choosing. To adjust this metric, click on the column header to reveal a dropdown menu:


In the above example, the conversion metric is set to "Placed Order" which allows you to see the revenue conversions attributed to each campaign. The column header here is actually a dropdown menu -- when clicked, you will see all metrics tracked in your account:

Choose a different metric here and watch the column adjust accordingly!

Campaign Overview Report

Once you click to view the performance overview for an individual campaign, you also have the opportunity to toggle the displayed conversion metric.


If you hover here, you will see helper text appear. If you click here, you will see a dropdown menu appear that prompts you to pick an alternative conversion metric.

In this example, we've toggled the conversion metric from "Placed Order", to "Active on Site" to see how many recipients clicked through to visit our website after receiving the email:

Flow Conversions

For Flows, you can toggle the conversion metric for a given flow email by hovering over the metric and clicking to reveal a metric dropdown.


The metric you choose for a given flow email will also populate across the Overview reports for all flow emails, and alter the 30 day snapshot you see when looking at a full flow. You can toggle the conversion metric at anytime, however.

Email Performance Dashboard

The Email Performance Dashboard is a great way to see how your email marketing efforts are performing overall. Here, you can see how all live flows are doing, as well as stats from your most recent campaigns.

To give you the most comprehensive view possible, we also let you toggle the conversion metric to alter the view of this Dashboard and center it around the conversion metric of your choosing:

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