Export a List or Segment to a CSV File


You can export any list or segment in your account to a CSV file from the Lists & Segments tab of your account.

To export a list or segment, click on the list in your account. Click the Manage List drop-down and select Export List to CSV.


FAQ: Exporting Lists

How long does it take to export a list or segment?

The export process can take several minutes, depending on the size of the list or segment. If you don't see the export file appear immediately, within several minutes you should see the file appear as a download in your browser. If you are having trouble exporting a list or segment, contact us at success@klaviyo.com.

Can I control which columns get included in the export file?

Currently, it isn't possible to control the data that gets included in a list/segment export. We will automatically include all available data for the contacts included in the export. 

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