How to Market to Profiles You Shouldn't Email

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Klaviyo's close integration with your website and ecommerce platform means that you'll have a vast amount of data at your disposal, particularly for building segments and flows. Klaviyo pulls in information about customers, subscribers, and even web browsers. This also means you may have a number of profiles who have not opted in and who you should not email.

Emailing contacts who haven't opted in can cause your emails to be marked as spam and negatively impact your deliverability. It's important to understand who you should and should not email, as well as alternative ways to market to those contacts.

One of the fastest ways to ensure that you don't email anyone you shouldn't is by cleaning your list and building an engaged main list.

Practices to Avoid and Alternatives to Email

  1. Don't email broad segments of people, such as "email contains @" or "Active on Site at least once over all time." These segments will pull in people in your account who have simply visited your website at some point but have never opted in. This can seriously damage your deliverability and sender reputation.

    Instead, make sure all of your segments have a condition that restricts them to your main list. This will ensure that you're only emailing people who have opted in.
  2. Don't re-send the same campaign to people who didn't open it the first time. If they didn't open it the first time and you didn't change anything about the email, odds are they won't open it the second time. Repeatedly sending to people who don't open your emails will lead to low open rates and, consequently, harm your deliverability.

    Instead, send a different, followup campaign to non-openers or, alternatively, advertise to them on Facebook. You can try sending a completely different campaign (different subject line and content) as a followup to the first if it is a particularly important email, like a product release. Additionally, if you build a segment of people who didn't open a particular email and sync it with a custom audience in Facebook, you may be able to reach people in a way that resonates better with them. 
  3. Don't send to purchased lists. This violates not only CAN-SPAM, but also Klaviyo's Terms of Service.

    Instead, grow your list organically using signup forms
  4. When running a contest, sweepstakes, or giveaway, don't automatically add people who sign up to your main list. Oftentimes, these are not very engaged leads, and sending to them can later hurt your open rates and deliverability.

    Instead, funnel contest, sweepstakes, or giveaway signups into a welcome series, where they can choose to opt in to receive your newsletter emails.

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