Integrate Facebook Advertising with Klaviyo


Klaviyo's advertising integration with Facebook offers two features:

  • Sync lists and segments to Facebook as Custom Audiences so that you can advertise to these subscribers, as well as create lookalike audiences
  • Sync subscribers who sign up via Facebook Lead Ad Forms to a list (or lists) in Klaviyo

Add the Facebook Advertising Integration

Click on the Integrations tab in the left sidebar of your account. Navigate to the All Integrations tab and find Facebook Advertising on the list of available integrations.


Click Authorize with Facebook Advertising. This will bring you to Facebook to give Klaviyo the permissions we need to sync data back and forth. After you have gone through this authentication process, you will be brought back into Klaviyo.


Once back in Klaviyo, you will be prompted to choose which Advertising Account you want to connect.

Next, you will need to select your business's Facebook Page.

After you have shared these details, click Update Facebook Advertising Settings. This is the last step!



If you have trouble setting this up, check out our troubleshooting docs or send an email to

Sync a List or Segment to a Custom Audience

Once you have enabled Klaviyo's Facebook Advertising integration, you will be able to start syncing existing lists and segments in Klaviyo to Facebook as advertising audiences.

To get started, first go to the Settings page for the list or segment you're looking to sync. Towards the bottom of this page, you will see a Facebook Advertising section. Here, click Choose an audience to sync with.


From there, you can select a pre-existing Facebook audience to connect, or create a new audience specifically for the list or segment you are syncing.


Your list or segment will begin a one-to-one sync with the selected Facebook audience. As profiles are added or removed from your list or segment, they will also be added or removed from that audience. 

After you've started syncing a list or segment to a given Custom Audience, you can also change the audience at any time or delete the sync completely.


Facebook won't allow us to sync with audiences that were created from a web pixel, so we don't show those audiences in the list of available audiences when syncing a list in Klaviyo.

Connect Facebook Lead Ads to a List

Navigate to the list you would like a specific Lead Ad Form to be funneled to and click Settings. Then, find the Facebook Advertising area and click Choose a lead ad form to connect.


When you click this link, a popup will appear asking which Lead Ad Form you would like to sync to your list. You can select one or more forms. You can also sync the same form with one or more lists. Lastly, click Update.



To learn more about how to use this integration, check out this guide!

The "Filled Out Lead Ad" Metric

Whenever someone fills out a Lead Ad Form, Klaviyo will track a Filled Out Lead Ad event. A timeline view of all Lead Ad activity can be viewed by navigating to the Activity Feed section of your account's dashboard and filtering by this metic. You can view more detailed analytics around this metric by navigating to the Metrics tab of your account.

You can use the Filled Out Lead Ad event to build segments or trigger/filter flows. For example, you may want to create a welcome series flow for new Facebook leads -- just be sure to filter them out of the list's main welcome series.


All new Facebook leads who are added to a Klaviyo list will also have this Filled Out Lead Ad metric attached to their individual profiles. If a profile already exists associate with the lead's email address, Klaviyo won't create a duplicate, but instead will start tracking Facebook Advertising data on the person's existing profile.

Any questions or additional fields on your Lead Ad Form will also sync to Klaviyo for each new lead. These form responses will get recorded as custom properties on the lead's Klaviyo profile. 


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