How to use an email to collect SMS consent

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Learn how to send a message to your existing email subscribers encouraging them to opt in to SMS marketing. By following this process, your email subscribers will be able to sign up for SMS marketing with just a few clicks. 

Before you begin 

Before you start, make sure you’ve:

Send an email to request SMS consent

To collect SMS consent from your existing subscribers, we recommend taking three steps: 

  1. Create an embedded SMS sign-up form. 
  2. Embed your sign-up form in a landing page on your website. 
  3. Send a campaign encouraging email subscribers to sign up for SMS.

Create an embedded sign-up form

Start by creating a sign-up form and designing it to match your brand. 

  1. In Klaviyo, navigate to Content > Signup Forms > Create Sign-up Form > Build From Scratch.
  2. Choose a descriptive form name, like SMS Sign-ups from Email.
  3. From the Choose a list… dropdown, select your SMS list (e.g., “SMS Subscribers” or “SMS List”). 
  4. From the Choose a form type menu, select Embed.
    The modal to create a new signup form
  5. Click Save and Continue to Design.
  6. Delete the Email block in the default form.
  7. Click Add Blocks from the menu on the left. 
  8. Drag a Phone Number block into your form.
  9. If needed, edit the highlighted portions of the SMS marketing disclaimer.
  10. Click Done.
  11. Click Targeting & Behaviors in the menu on the left. 
  12. Set the form to show to all visitors on both desktop and mobile devices.
  13. Copy the code in the Embed Code section, which you’ll need for the landing page you create in the next step.
    An embedded form's embed code
  14. Once you’ve designed and customized the form, click Publish.
    A user click's Publish on a signup form

Embed your signup form on a landing page

  1. Open your website’s admin and create a new landing page, custom page, or blog post. 
  2. Paste the code snippet from the prior section into your new page’s code (often indicated by a </> or Source button).
  3. Save your new page and copy its URL, which you’ll need in the following section.

Send a campaign encouraging email subscribers to sign up for SMS

Create an SMS sign-up button in your email

First, create an email template. Once you've designed your template: 

  1. Drag a Button block into the template. 
  2. In the Button Text field, add descriptive button text like Sign up for SMS.
  3. In the Link URL field, add the URL for the landing page you created in the last section.
    The button settings for a button block in an email

Create a segment of potential SMS subscribers

When your email is ready to send:

  1. Navigate to Lists & Segments > Create List / Segment > Segment.
  2. Name your segment something descriptive, like Subscribed to email but not SMS.
  3. Create a segment with the definition If someone is in or not in a list > is > [your main email list] AND If someone is or is not consented to receive SMS > is not.
    The recommended segment for a campaign to collect SMS consent
  4. Click Create Segment to save the segment.

Send your campaign

  1. Navigate to Campaigns > Create Campaign.
  2. Select Email > Create Campaign.
  3. Choose the segment you created above (e.g., the Subscribed to email but not SMS list) as your Send to list.
  4. Click Continue to Content.
  5. Add a subject line, then click Drag and Drop.
  6. Click My Templates.
  7. Select the template you created previously.
  8. Proceed through the steps to review and send your campaign

In addition to sending this message to your existing email subscribers, consider adding it to your email welcome series as well. Just make sure to add the following as an Additional Filter to the message: If someone is or is not consented to receive SMS > is not

Alternative method: add a click-to-text banner to a campaign

Note that this approach is designed to automatically open a text message, but it will not work with Gmail or in Microsoft Outlook; however, everyone can see the banner and manually text your number to subscribe, regardless of their inbox provider.

A click-to-text banner in an email generates a text message with an opt-in keyword when a recipient clicks it. To use this functionality, you’ll create 2 versions of your call-to-action: one for desktop users and another for mobile users. 

  1. Add a Text block to your email template. 
  2. Add the following text to your text block: 
    • Text subscribe_keyword to sending_number.
  3. Replace subscribe_keyword with a subscribe keyword from your account (e.g., JOIN).
  4. Replace sending_number with your sending number.
    A click-to-text banner followed by disclosure language
  5. Within Display Options > Visibility, click Desktop to set the block to only show on desktop.
    A block set to mobile only in Klaviyo's template editor
  6. Click Save to save the block.
  7. Use the clone icon to clone the block. 
  8. Within Display Options > Visibility, click Mobile to set the new block to show only on mobile devices. 
  9. In the mobile-only block, click the source code button to access the block’s HTML.
    The source code button in Klaviyo's email template editor
  10. Replace all the existing code with the code below: 
    • <a href="sms:+sending_number?&body=Send%20this%20text%20to%20subscribe%20to%20SMS%20Updates!%20%28ref:JOIN%29">
      Text JOIN to sending_number
  11. Replace both instances of sending_number (in bold) above with your SMS sending number.
    • The first instance of your sending number should include the country code (e.g., 1 for the US) followed by the 10 digits of your SMS sending number, with no dashes, spaces, or parentheses: 16171110000
    • The second instance of your sending number may include formatting characters: (617) 111-0000
      The code for a click to text banner in an email
  12. Click Save to save the block. 
  13. Add disclosure language to the banner or within the email.
    A click-to-text banner followed by disclosure language
  14. Create a segment of your email-only subscribers with the following condition: 
    If someone is in or not in a list > is > in [your main list] 
    If someone has consented to receive SMS > has not 

Send your email to your email-only subscribers using a campaign, or add the message to your email welcome flow.

Review your results 

To keep track of your new SMS subscribers, navigate to Analytics > Metrics > Consented to Receive SMS. Here, you can review your subscriber trends and understand who is opting in to SMS. Learn more about understanding your subscribers in Klaviyo

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