How profiles are added to and removed from lists

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Learn the various ways profiles in Klaviyo are added to or removed from lists. In most cases, a profile is added to a list when they subscribe and removed when they unsubscribe from that list. There are also a few ways to add and remove profiles from lists manually or through an integration, as outlined below. 

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The information in this article applies to lists, not to segments. Profiles are added to and removed from segments dynamically based on their actions and profile data. 

How profiles are added to lists

A profile will be added to a list if they: 

  • Subscribe through a Klaviyo signup form 
  • Are added through a third-party integration or Klaviyo’s APIs 
  • Are added via Quick Add 
  • Are included in a CSV upload

A single profile can be added to an unlimited number of lists. If a profile subscribes repeatedly to the same list (e.g., by filling out a signup form multiple times), they will remain a member of the list, but no duplicate profile will be created. 

How profiles are removed from lists

A profile will be removed from a list if they: 

  • Unsubscribe from that list
  • Are suppressed and a user removes suppressed profiles from the list 
  • Are removed by a user who clicks Remove next to the list name in their profile
  • Are deleted from Klaviyo (e.g., manually deleted by a user) 
  • Are removed from the list via a third-party integration or API 

If a profile is suppressed from a marketing channel (e.g., email or SMS), they may still be a part of a list depending on how they became suppressed. All suppressed contacts will be skipped when you send them a message, to avoid damaging your sender reputation.

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