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Learn about form dismissal settings, including how to style the close icon on your popup and flyout forms. 

Styling a Form’s Close Icon

To customize the style of your form’s close icon (the X button), click the icon in the form editor. On the left, the Close Icon settings will appear, including the size, color, thickness, background color, border color, and block padding of the close icon. To create a simple X with no background or border, set the background color and border color to transparent. 

The settings you select apply to both desktop and mobile versions of your form (if your form is set to display on both device types). Use the desktop/mobile toggle to preview the form’s close icon on mobile. 

Popup Dismissal Settings

The popup dismissal setting allows you to choose whether site visitors can close your popup by clicking outside of the form area. When this setting is toggled on (which is the default), any click outside of the form will close the form, and the visitor won’t be able to return to it. When toggled off, visitors must click the form’s close icon in order to close it; clicks outside the form area will be ignored. In both cases, the form can appear again based on the setting in Display Frequency > Show again X days after closing

The dismissal setting is device-specific. You can choose whether clicks outside the form area should close the form on desktop, mobile, both, or neither. Access this setting in the Behaviors tab within the Dismissal section. 


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