Troubleshooting Your Shopify Integration

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Learn how to solve issues with your Shopify integration setup by following the relevant troubleshooting scenario described below. If you are encountering issues not on this list, please reach out on our Community or to our Support Team

Before You Begin

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If you have not already, read our guide on How to Integrate with Shopify for step-by-step instructions on integrating, rather than continuing with this article.

Troubleshooting Scenarios 

The integration settings page is not recognizing my store URL 

If you are receiving an error on the Integration Settings page that your store URL is incorrect, make sure that the URL follows the pattern

You may need to delete the https:// prefix or any forward slashes at the end of the URL. Here’s an example of correct formatting, which should eliminate any error messages:


My Shopify integration is not syncing

If you think your Shopify integration is not syncing data properly, update the sync by completing the following steps:

  1. In Klaviyo, click into your Integrations tab.
  2. Find your Shopify integration and click View Settings.
  3. Click Update Shopify Settings. If you're not logged into your Shopify store, you will be redirected to Shopify and prompted to log in.
  4. Click Update Your Integration Settings. We will re-authenticate with Shopify, and you will be brought back into Klaviyo. If you click to update, and then click the back button or navigate elsewhere before this authentication process completes, this will disable your integration.
  5. A Settings Updated callout at the top of the page will confirm that your integration has been updated and is resyncing. This can take up to one minute to appear. 

I’m receiving the error: We are unable to update your integration settings at this time. Please refresh or try again later

If you received this error after clicking Connect to Shopify, this could be for a number of reasons.


First, you may receive this error if you have provided an incorrect Shopify URL in the Store URL box. Make sure your store name is spelled correctly before trying to connect. 

Another reason you could be receiving this error is if your Shopify store is currently frozen. This can happen if you need to choose a plan, pay an outstanding balance, or if your free trial has expired. Log into Shopify and resolve the issue before trying to connect to Klaviyo. 

Additionally, this error could appear if your store was removed by Shopify, or if the Klaviyo application was uninstalled within Shopify. Make sure to check that you have the Klaviyo app installed in Shopify

When I try to add a second Shopify account to my Klaviyo account, I’m unable to do so

Klaviyo does not currently support more than one Shopify store per Klaviyo account. If you have two Shopify accounts, you will need to connect them to separate Klaviyo accounts. Head to Multi-Account User Privileges for more information.

My Shopify integration appears to be working, but I’m still getting an in-app notification that it is having problems syncing


If an issue was recently resolved with your Shopify integration, you might still see this error in-app. Ignore this error, unless you continue to see issues with your integration, such as data not flowing into your account in a timely manner

Troubleshooting FAQs

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