How Free and Paid Email Plans Differ

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As your business grows, so too will your Klaviyo account. In order to scale your marketing channels accordingly, you will likely need to upgrade your plan in Klaviyo. By upgrading a free account to a paid subscription, you will unlock several perks that are otherwise unavailable. This article details each of the services you can gain from upgrading to a paid account in Klaviyo.

You can upgrade your billing plan at any time by navigating to Email Plans in your account and selecting the new plan of your choice.

Expand Your Email Marketing Capabilities

By paying a set, monthly fee, you unlock the ability to email more profiles. At its core, Klaviyo's email billing structure is based on the number of contacts in your account and the number of emails you send each month. For details on how much the monthly plan options cost and the amount of emailable contacts you will have in each, head to How Klaviyo Bills Customers for Email.

SMS and email are billed separately in Klaviyo. If you are interested in SMS, head to How Klaviyo Bills Customers for SMS.

When using a free plan, you are limited to sending a maximum of 500 emails per month. If you reach that limit, you will be barred from additional sending until next month. For example, you may see flow email deliverability fall when you hit this limit. Sending can resume once you upgrade your account or when the next month of your free plan begins.

Meet With Customer Success Managers and Onboarding Specialists

An exclusive and incredibly beneficial perk of paid plans is the ability to speak with a Klaviyo Customer Success Manager and Onboarding Specialist. There are certain criteria needed to be eligible to meet with either. These conditions are:


If you are on a $450/month plan (26,001 - 27,000 people; unlimited emails) or lower, you can gain onboarding expertise with the Klaviyo Growth Team. They provide strategic help and best practice guidance for getting started in the 4-part Getting Started with Klaviyo on-demand training session. 

To qualify for managed onboarding, you will need a $750/month plan (50,001 - 55,000 people; 550,000 emails/month) or higher. Managed onboarding includes weekly calls with an Onboarding Specialist for 60 days. If you have a plan of between $450-749/month, you are eligible for two calls with an Onboarding Specialist. Once you go through onboarding, you can then likewise gain information and strategic resources from the Growth team as well. In addition to their on-demand training, they host a number of live training sessions and create podcasts and videos designed to help customers grow their business.

Customer Success

If you are on a plan that is lower than $1500/month, we encourage you to seek out resources from the Klaviyo Growth Team; head to their on-demand training for more information.

To qualify for a Customer Success Manager, you will need to be on a $1500/month plan (125,001 - 130,000 people; 1,300,000 emails/month) or higher.

Access Live Chat Support

We offer live chat support to customers on paid plans. If you are interested in this feature, upgrading your plan from free to paid will give you access to this additional level of support.

All customer accounts, both free and paid, have access to email support as well as the Help Center. Here, you will find tutorials, articles, demo videos, and more. For information on what options you have for support on both free and paid plans head to our article on how to contact support.

Unlock Exclusive Branding Options

Customers on paid plans have the ability to customize certain default Klaviyo branding settings in the following areas of their accounts:

  • Branding within email footers
    All free accounts have Klaviyo branding in their email footers. To edit or remove the default Klaviyo branding from your emails, you must upgrade to a paid account. When you have a paid account, you can customize your footer to best suit your business needs by following these steps.
  • Custom hosted pages
    Paid accounts that have passed account verification have the ability to enable custom hosted pages. These pages specifically pertain to your custom hosted subscribe and manage preference pages where customers can update their consent status, contact information, communication preferences, and more. To learn more about what custom hosted pages are and why you may want to enable this feature on a paid plan, head to About Custom Hosted Pages in Klaviyo.

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