How to edit the location of your tracking pixel

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Klaviyo tracks when a customer opens or clicks an email using a pixel. By default, the pixel is located at the bottom of your emails but you can adjust its placement. If you send very large messages, then choosing to have this pixel at the top of your emails instead of the bottom can improve open tracking that is otherwise cut or clipped by some inbox providers.

For more information on why we use tracking pixels, head to Understand conversion tracking.

Edit the location of your tracking pixel

You can set the location of the tracking pixel in your emails manually.
1. To do so, click into your account dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
2. Select Account.

Account dropdown menu with options to select Account to edit your pixel

3. Then, select the Settings dropdown from the main tab.
4. Choose Email from the secondary menu.
5. Once on your Email Settings page, scroll down to the section called Email Tracker Position. Here, you can toggle on or off the option to have the Klaviyo tracking pixel appear at the top of your emails. By default, this box is unchecked and the pixel will appear at the bottom of your emails.

Inside the Email Settings Page, check the box next to the Email Tracker Position section to move the tracking pixel

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