Email Metrics

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Email Metrics

Understanding the metrics associated with your recipients’ interaction with your emails is crucial to gaining insight into how your marketing initiatives are performing.

In your account Metrics tab or in the activity feed on your dashboard, you can see the email events in your account. Let’s dive into what each metric means:

  • Bounced Email
    When an email soft or hard bounced
  • Clicked Email
    When a recipient clicked an email
  • Dropped Email
    Email was not sent because the email address is suspicious
  • Merged Profile 
    When two profiles are merged together, one merges “into” the other; the remaining single profile will have this metric tracked
  • Marked Email as Spam
    When a recipient marks an email as spam
  • Opened Email
    When a recipient opens an email
  • Received Email
    When a recipient receives an email
  • Subscribed to Back in Stock
    When a recipient subscribes to be notified about an item being back in stock
  • Subscribed to List
    When someone opts in to a list
  • Unsubscribed
    When someone unsubscribes from emails globally
  • Unsubscribed from List
    When someone unsubscribes from a specific list

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