Understanding the subscribed to list metric

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Learn about the Subscribed to List metric, which appears on a customer’s profile whenever they subscribe to a list in Klaviyo. This includes: 

  • When someone fills out a Klaviyo signup form
  • When a profile is added to a list with email consent via Quick Add
  • When a profile is added to a list with email consent via CSV upload
  • When someone subscribes through a Klaviyo-built integration, or certain third-party integrations 

Because of this, it is crucial to understand best practices around using it for creating segments. In this article, you will learn what the Subscribed to List metric entails and when to use it.

The subscribed to list metric

The Subscribed to List is a metric that appears on a customer’s profile when they subscribe to one of your lists. Below is an example of what this metric will look like in a profile.

Example of a profile that has been subscribed to a newsletter list

If someone enters their information into the same form multiple times, they will not have multiple Subscribed to List metrics found under their profile, nor will they be re-added to the list multiple times. 

Klaviyo will only add a Subscribed to List event to a given profile if they are either:

When the subscribed to list metric is added to a profile

The Subscribed to List metric will appear whenever someone subscribes to a list that they weren’t previously subscribed to. 

When using the V2 List API, the Subscribed to List event will only fire if the correct endpoint is used. As such, /subscribe is the required endpoint and recommended to collect this metric.

To learn more about subscribers syncing from Shopify, check out How to sync Shopify email subscribers to a Klaviyo list

When to use in a flow

In general, using the Subscribed to List metric to trigger your flow is not a best practice. Instead, if you want customers in a specific list to go through your flow when added, create a list-triggered flow.

Trigger setup menu showing List option highlighted

If you do use this metric to trigger your flow, be sure to add a trigger filter identifying the specific list you are referring to with the Subscribed to List metric. For example, this trigger filter is: List equals Product Review List.

Inside of an flow example including one email and the trigger set to product review list

When to use in a segment

Use the Subscribed to List metric when building a segment if you want to view the performance of a specific method for adding subscribers to a list. For example, if you want to see how your newsletter signup form is performing, this metric will show the number of individuals who subscribed to your newsletter through that channel.

Example of a segment setup with someone on the newsletter list and having subscribed to the list within last 14 days

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